Super hero cycling gear! Need we say more!

Super hero cycling gear!  Need we say more!

Raise your hand if you have never thought about what you were going to wear during a ride.  Exactly, the number of hands up that we can see is zero.

It’s great to be fast, but we all also want to look cool going fast, or slow.  The cycling jersey and kit is the equivalent of the cool golf bag and clothes.  You have to look good in the group ride as well as the coffee shop after.

If you haven’t heard the words  “cool jersey,” you aren’t trying hard enough.

Podium Cycling is a web site that sells some of the coolest looking cycling apparel we have come across in a long time. Podium Cycling combines great looking cycling gear with high quality construction, the result is gear, that will keep you comfy and looking very cool on your next ride.

The team at Podium Cycling took a close look at some of the most expensive items from high-end manufacturers, took them apart, counted the threads, examined the stitching, and incorporated the best features and techniques from all the major brands in their line. They use Italian fabrics, inks, and machines, and all the extras come standard, like aluminum zippers and silicone-infused waist grippers.

Then they made them cool looking and funny.  My favorite is the Spiderman Speed Suit, coming to a tree near me ASAP (ahem!!!!). There is a huge selection of fun jerseys, speed suits and even a completely custom option, if you want to create your own.

From the “I Pass Gas” cycling jersey to the “Real Men Wear Tights,” jersey and the Pee Wee Herman speed suit, there is something for every taste and sense of humor.  Even those uber boring roadies, who never smile! You know who you are!

Full kits, jerseys, bibs, shorts, Podium Cycling is a great place to get that one of a kind gift for the cyclist in your life (stay away from Spidey, that’s mine!).

Click here to check out the great selection at Podium Cycling.

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