Gladiator Garage Works Vs. Garagezilla- a Review.

Gladiator Garage Works Vs. Garagezilla-  a Review.

You may or may not know this, but your garage isn’t a storage locker for all your stuff.  It’s actually the place your cars go to live in harmony with your stuff.

We just moved into a house with a garage.  For the past seven years, the basement in our garageless townhouse, was the "triathlon closet" for all of my stuff; 8 bikes, 6 wet suits, race wheels and enough doo dads and gadgets to fill a store.

When we moved, the garage instantly became the storage locker for our stuff.  We could fit everything inside the garage, with the exception of our cars.  We had too much stuff and no place to put it.

I have friends and neighbors who have given into their stuff and just park their cars outside, that makes about as much sense to me as decaf coffee or non-alcoholic beer.  Why have a garage if you can’t put your cars into it?

The house came with a bunch of old metal shelves that at first glance made sense.  I packed all of our stuff onto the shelves, pulled in both cars and had almost no room to open the doors, the shelves were too deep and looked messy.  The last thing I wanted to do was bang into one of my carbon fiber beauties with the car!

I am not a handy guy, or that creative when it comes to space and how to make the most out of it.  I was online checking out “pretty garages” and came across Gladiator Garageworks, a garage organizing system that made all of the garages in their pictures seem amazing.

The Challenge!
I reached out them and they sent me their Organization Mega Kit and Jumbo Gear Box .  It was Gladiator Garageworks against Garagezilla, winner take all.

I decided to build the Jumbo Gear Box first.  Right off the bat, I noticed how easy the instructions were to follow.  The jumbo box that the Jumbo Gear Box came in was a little intimidating, after unpacking everything, it took me a little less than an hour to build the Jumbo Gear Box.  The thing is solid, huge and shiny.  24 inches deep, and 72 inches tall, the Jumbo Gear Box holds a lot of stuff: wet suits, running shoes, hoses, tools, several tubs cycling jerseys, tubs of holiday decorations and a bunch of other stuff.  The best part is that nothing is “sticking out” the Jumbo Gear Box comes with clean looking , shiny metallic doors.  You can stuff it full and close the door and it looks great.

Harmony was slowly leaking into my garage. My tri. stuff was easy to get to, not hanging everywhere, organized and living happily with it’s new roommates.

Step #2- Setting up the Organization Mega Kit.  It is a Mega Kit, this thing comes with enough hooks, hangars, baskets and shelves to hang anything you can think of, there’s even a paper towel holder and bottle opener!

The first step is setting up the tracks that hold all of the Gladiator gear.  I am not handy.  I still can’t change a flat tire, but I got ten of these babies up in a half an hour.  The hardest part is finding a stud, then you drill them into the stud with screws (provided) and they are up, solid and ready to hang things.

It’s a one person job.  As sturdy as the tracks are, they are light and can be cut to size.  Unlike shelves, you can put them anywhere you want to hang things, high low, in a row, stacked, it’s up to you.

Different than setting up shelves or putting a bunch of hooks up everywhere, the tracks are clean looking and though they are permanent, how you organize them isn’t, which is great.  You can snap in hooks, baskets, bike holders here and there.  If you don’t like it, you snap them out and put something else in.  It is completely customizable to your needs and taste.

It’s an endurance athletes dream, organization, customization and easy.  I decided to put a few tracks way up high in the garage, so I could hang my bikes up where nobody was going to bank into them with a car door, baseball bat, stroller etc.

They sell some great Vertical Bike Hooks, but I used their Tool Hooks(included in the Organization Mega Kit) and was able to hang my bike, helmet and shoes all in the same place.  I put a Small Item Bin (included) on the rail as well and filled them with CO2 cartridges, tubes and even goggles and swim caps. I hear you can also use the Small Item Bin for nails and screws, but who would do that?  All of my stuff was suddenly up, away, organized and easy to safe.  The Gladiator 24 inch mesh basket became the new home for the rest of our helmets, bike pumps and various cold weather bike too dads.

I felt like an HGTV host, putting more helmets in baskets, hanging bike pumps on hooks, tri bags all hung with care.  Heck even my garden tools, hoses, strollers, paper towels and other assorted house stuff was organized, neat and clutter free.

The Results!

Gladiator Garageworks had indeed defeated Garagezilla!  My garage was in perfect harmony, so much so, that I have tons of extra room for other stuff!  Yoga mats, rolling pads, all stored and hung neatly away.

It’s very much like buying a bike. You can buy an entire kit for about $350 or customize things the exact way you want, adding hooks here, baskets there,  a shelf, cabinet etc.

It goes beyond the garage.  I put a track in the basement to hold my trainer, a bike, sweat pad, towel and computer.  It all used to be shoved under the stairs or scattered all over the floor.  Now I have my own clean work station for easy set up, a work out and then quick clean up.

They only look expensive.  Getting into the Gladiator GarageWorks “game” is very affordable and entirely up to your budget.  A single 48 inch track costa around $11.00 at Lowes, throw in a few hooks and rings and you can have your gear in order, safe and neat for about $30.

As the weather gets colder and many of you are putting the gear away for the Winter or looking to hang train in doors, Gladiator Garageworks is an affordable, creative and sturdy way to meet your needs.

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