Lance Armstrong is Back and Racing at REV3!

Lance Armstrong is Back and Racing at REV3!

In June, the Iroaman Corporation announced that Lance Armstrong would be banned from all of their events, shutting the door on a showdown between Armstrong and Criag Alexander.

At the time, we interviewed Charlie Patten, the CEO of the REV 3 Triathlon Series about Lance Armstrong being banned from the Ironman Triathlon.  Patten made it very clear that Armstrong was more than welcome to race in any REV3 race, which has a 70.3 and 140.6 distance. Click here to read the original article.

Today Armstrong announced he will be racing in the REV3 in Howard County, Maryland on October 7, 2012.  The proceeds for this race benefit the Ullman Cancer Fund for young adults.

“I am looking forward to competing alongside my fellow cancer survivors in the Half Full Tri.  This race is a great example of what cancer survivorship is all about – not just surviving this disease, but truly living life on your own terms. My Foundation is proud to support the Ulman Cancer Fund and the great work they’re doing on behalf of young adult cancer survivors.” Said Armstrong.

What does this mean in the balance of triathlon power? If Armstrong decides to stick with REV3, it means that the best of the rest will have to come to race in Lances sand box, if they want to see how they stack up.

It means that the “little triathlon series that could,” just lived up to its name, “Revolution,” and bagged one of the biggest crowd draws in the world, Lance Armstrong.

Earlier this year Craig Alexander was in Chicago, and when asked if he would be willing to go head to head with Armstrong and an elite field for a 140.6 battle, his answer was, “yes.”

Kudos to REV3 for still understanding due process and innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around.  As Patten said earlier this year, “I know I would personally hate for people to consider me guilty without a verdict saying so.  We have a process in our country for a reason."

Is Lance’s decision to race in REV3, the triathlon version of Martin Luther thumbing his nose at the Catholic Church? Did we have something to do with it?  We'd like to think so!

Will Alexander, Lieto and the rest of the Kona Crowd be forced to put up or shut up on the shores of Lake Erie?

What do you think?

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