Meet Bo Jackson at the Trek Store in Highland Park

Meet Bo Jackson at the Trek Store in Highland Park

Nope, not a type-o, the Bo Jackson is going to be at the Trek Store in Highland Park on August 30th.

When Jackson sets his mind on something, he does it.

Earlier this Summer, the Heisman Trophy winner and Alabama native decided he wanted to ride a bike across the state to raise money for the thousands of people who lost their homes to tornadoes last year.

Problem is, Jackson never really rode a road bike before and had to train for the journey.  He turned to Trek and Robbie Ventura for his training that would take him on a 300 mile journey that left the future Hall of Famer in tears, not because of the ride, but because of the massive devastation he witnessed first hand.

Along his journey thousands of people joined Bo on his ride, including Scottie Pippin, Ken Griffey Jr., Picabo Street and yes, Lance Armstrong.

Bo raised over $600,000 through Bo Bikes Bama and is back in Chicago, eager to share the stories of his journey, raise more money and give bike safety tips to kids.

Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball and now Bo knows cycling. More to the point how dangerous of a sport it can be.

Bo Jackson is hosting a back to school bike safety night at the Trek Store in Highland Park, on August 30 (Thursday).

It’s an all ages event where kids get a chance to get tips from Bo on bike safety, take a picture, get an autograph and yes talk, cycling, football and baseball.  It’s also an opportunity to learn how you can help Bo raise money for the many people who are still suffering the effects of the tornadoes that destroyed everything they have.

The night starts at 5:30PM, with free tips for kids from Bo, then there will be a Q&A and time for pictures and autographs with Bo Jackson.

The event is free.  If you want a VIP pass to Bo, an autographed picture with Bo and a few other goodies, they are asking for a $30.00 donation.

The event is capped, to make sure that everyone who shows up has a good time.  RSVP by clicking here.


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