Lance Armstrong not banned from triathlons, we have the details.

Lance Armstrong not banned from triathlons, we have the details.

One again Lance is being accused of doping, which is nothing new. It seems like every few years a former teammate steps up to the mic. and announces that Lance cheated, then there’s flurry of activity, things calm down and Lance rides on.

Here in the United States is the allegations get some attention, but not as much as "real athletes," like baseball players doping. Let’s face it, it is in fact the Tour de France, which is kinda foreign and not really “our deal,” so who cares?  Until now.

Lance has been racing in and winning triathlons, with a goal of racing in and winning the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, which as you know is in America!  Now that is something he can’t do!  It’s American, we understand words, like transition area, areo bars and swim.

Before it was some weird French agency who came after Lance, now it’s much more serious, the latest charges by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency may represent the most serious threat to date to Armstrong's legacy, because the USADA has the power to strip him of his past titles and the credibility to tarnish his name forever.

Serious stuff.  So serious that Lance has been temporarily banned from competing in anymore Ironman sanctioned events, which would kill his chances for the Ironman.

Today, Triathlete Magazine wrote online “With the news that seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is ineligible to compete in triathlons due to an investigation from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, we thought we’d look back at his return to multi-sport.”

What Triathlete Magazine is saying, is that Lance is not eligible to compete in any triathlon, anywhere. Lance has only been banned from Ironman sanctioned events. Not all triathlons everywhere. The Ironman only represents a very small fraction of the triathlon community and unless I missed a very big and very important meeting, where every single race director gave the folks at the Ironman and Triathlete Magazine the power to speak for them, Lance has plenty of races he can compete in.

Charlie Patten the President and CEO of the very popular REV3 Triathlon series, which has a 140.6 distance as well, says Lance is more than welcome to compete.  “As far as we are concerned, there is no ban.  Could there be one in the future, I guess its possible.  I've yet to hear of a guilty verdict against LA.  I know I would personally hate for people to consider me guilty without a verdict saying so.  We have a process in our country for a reason."

There it is, problem solved for Lance. He can continue to flip the triathlon world on it’s back side, with super fast times, and if Craig Alexnder or Chris Lieto want to beat one of the best they may have to step outside of the shadow of the Ironman and meet Lance on a new playing field.  If not, then this years “world championships” may have an asterisk next to it, because the best may be playing in another play ground.

If you would like to check out REV3, which is coming to the Dells in August click here.  If you have a race you would like to invite Lance to race in, leave your invite below and we will get it to him.


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    It would be really funny if Lance does Rev3Tri, considering I'm going to both Cedar Point and the Dells

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