If You Want To Get Faster, Together We Tri Can Help.

If You Want To Get Faster, Together We Tri Can Help.

If you are looking for a triathlon training group that is supportive, can help yo get faster, has cool uniforms, a happy hour and a theme song, then Together We Tri is the team for you.

For the newbie to the seasoned vet, Together We Tri has a 12 week training program starting on May 29th that is informative, supportive and fun, they will help you with the skills you can use for the rest of your racing life.

The triathlon training program is geared to help  you get better and peak for the Chicago Triathlon, there is also a woman's only group that is 20 weeks long.

One of the most unique features of any Together We Tri training program, is the open water swim training, in Chicago it is second to none.  TWT has access to the private lake at Valley Lo, in Glenview, which is like swimming around a mile long bath tub.  The water is warm, never wavy, there are life guards in boats and for most of the journey you can see the bottom.

To most triathletes or future triathletes, the swim can be the most daunting part, Together We Tri takes the fear out of the swim by utilizing this amazing location.  For a more seasoned athlete, it's a great way to get in a long swim and still keep safe.

Click here to go to the Together We Tri web site and learn more about their training programs.

There are still slots available and time to get faster and more confident.

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