Triathlon "Super Camp" Coming to Arlington Heights

Triathlon "Super Camp" Coming to Arlington Heights

When people talk about great triathlon cities, San Diego and Boulder usually pop up first in the conversation, but Chicago should be near the top of the list.  The quality of shops, athletes and coaches are on par with the rest of the country and in the case of coach Mary Bradbury and Bradbury Fitness, it's better.Bradbury is a USAT All American, took 8th at the World Triathlon Championships and also beat Chrissie Wellington out of the water at Ironman 70.3, Kansas.  When it comes to swimming, the swim, teaching the swim, pretty much anything swimming Bradbury is the person to turn to and happens to live and coach right here in good ol' Chicago.

Bradbury has teamed up with two time Olympic trial qualifier, Team USA Champion Janet Smith-Leet to host a day and a half training camp to help you obtain the skills you need to train smart and race faster with less effort.

It may sound easier said than done, but working with talent like Bradbury and Smith-Leet, the odds are pretty good you are going to walk away from this experience with new tools in your arsenal and a whole lot more knowledge about the sport.

Swim, bike, run and nutrition will all be covered during the camp.  Fitness Coach Scott Bradbury, Village CycleSport owner Vince Boyer and Runners High N Tri owners Mark and Pom Rouse will all be a part of the "Super Camp" team.  Sitting and talking to Rouse is like sitting and talking to a triathlon super computer, the guy knows his stuff.

Normally camps like this are held in far off lands like Arizona, but this camp is Arlington Heights on May 5th and 6th.

Though the coaching is world class, athletes of all levels are welcome to attend and learn.

The Camp Includes:
•    Bike CompuTrainer session with feedback on fit, power, and technique
•    Hands-on bike maintenance workshop and riding skills session
•    Biomechanic run training session and group workout
•    swim videotaping and analysis with specific feedback provided for each athlete
•    In-pool swim drills and efficiency session
•    Nutrition workshop conducted by Dietician Amy Baltes with guidance on in-race and out of race nutrition
•    Expert run shoe fitting
•    Triathlon transitions boot camp
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