Donate Your Gear to the Tri-Masters!

Donate Your Gear to the Tri-Masters!

The Winter of 2012 will forever be known as the Winter Mulligan, it looks like we got away with it! Before you know it, we will be able to jump into Lake Michigan and begin the open water training!

As you get your tri-buy list together for the 2012 season, think about the equipment that you aren't using and donating it to Tri-Masters Sports Initiative Program.

Tri-Masters is a not-for-profit organization that empowers at-risk children via triathlon in order to teach life lessons. As our youth athletes learn to swim, bike and run, they gain skills in goal-setting, conflict resolution, respect, responsibility, self-discipline and perseverance.

If you have old bikes, wet suits, helmets, gently used shoes, clips, hats and other equipment Tri-Masters could use all of it for their athletes.

As you head out to swim, bike and run, keep Tri-Masters in your mind, as they help grow the sport and instill life lessons for kids in the Chicago area.

As it says on the Tri-Masters web site “TRI…and you can MASTER anything in life.”

To learn more about Tri-Masters, click here.

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