Mona Purdy Needs Your Help!

Mona Purdy Needs Your Help!

If you go into most running stores in the area, you are likely to see Mona's signs "Share Your Soles," the charity Purdy started 13 years ago to provide shoes to people all over the world who need them.

Purdy returned from Mexico where she delivered over 3000 pairs of shoes to the less fortunate to find that her apartment was completely destroyed by an electrical fire.

Everything gone.

Chicago is rallying to give back to the lady who has given so much to Chicago and the world and has never asked for anything for herself in return.  Mona needs "everything," "I've become one of the people that I help, it's hard for me to ask for help, but right now I am homeless I have nothing, not even the basics."

More than anything Mona needs money to survive, even the passport that has taken her around the world is destroyed.

Mona is too proud to ask for your help, but I am not.  Help Mona!

Running Away Multisport and RAM Racing have made a donation web site where you can donate to help Mona get back on her feet.  100% of all donations will go directly to helping Mona and her efforts.

Click here to donate to Mona.

Any donation you can make to help Mona will give to a woman who has given so much of her self.

You can drop off gift cards or other donations at either Running Away Multisport location.

The Bike Shop in Glen Ellyn is also taking donations to help Mona, click here to contact The Bike Shop.


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  • Thank you for making us aware of this very sad story. I will make my donation today and help to spread the word.

  • In reply to Sherry BonDurant:

    That's awesome Sherry,

    Thank you!!!

  • I will do what I can financially, and I have sent out a notice to some influential individuals. I only hope we can help. Our thoughts are with you, Mona!

  • So cool! She is a great lady!!!

    Thank you

  • I saw her on the news the other night and my heart broke for her! I shared this on my Being Catholic ... Really FB page and I will donate also. I hope she gets back tenfold of what she has given! Thanks for your post!

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