It's Indoor Triathlon Season at Fitness Formula Clubs!

It's Indoor Triathlon Season at Fitness Formula Clubs!

You wouldn't want to jump into Lake Michigan for a swim in January, but a nice warm pool for some spirited competition is another story.  The Fitness Formula Clubs in Chicago are about to kick off the 13th year of their indoor triathlon series, it's a great workout for the newbie and the Ironman alike.

If getting into shape is one of your New Year's Resolutions, then this is a great goal to set and train for.  If you are new to triathlon, this is a great way to "get your feet wet" without getting beat up by people in the water, having to worry about falling off your bike or running in the baking hot sun(doesn't triathlon sound fun).

Indoor triathlon has become the "low impact" version of the sport, it's all the triathlon without the hassle.  Don't discount the workout, a triple brick workout in January is going to make your lungs hurt and your legs scream, but also give you a great gauge as to where your fitness level is.

The Fitness Formula Indoor Triathlon Series is similar to the standard outdoor event. It consists of three separate disciplines: the swim, the bike and the run. The only variation is that participants compete in each discipline for a set period of time, then the recorded distance during the swim (15 minutes in the pool), the bike (20 minutes on Lifecycles) and the run (15 minutes on track or treadmill) the three distances will be calculated and combined for the final, total distance. Winners will be determined by their total distance covered in all three events and medals will be awarded to first place men and women in both “beginner” and “experienced” categories within the assigned age groups.

If you are looking for an even greater challenge, you can take on the TriMonster Triple Series Challenge or push your limits to the extreme with the TriMonster Triple-Double Series Challenge. With the TriMonster Triple Series Challenge, the top overall male and female contestants who compete in three separate indoor triathlons will win a $100 Shoe Certificate and TriMonster Tri Jersey ($75 value), and will also be named the overall Series Champions. Those brave enough to take on the TriMonster Triple-Double Series Challenge and compete in three separate indoor triathlons twice in one day (double division) will be eligible to win a complete TriMonster Tri Jersey and Shorts set ($150 value).

Anyone who joins any of FFC’s Indoor Triathlon training programs will receive a complimentary entry to one of the FFC Indoor Triathlons. Training programs are available at the West Loop, Lincoln Park and Union Station locations.  The event is open to FFC members and non-members alike. FFC members receive a $10 discount towards a single event! To register for the Indoor Triathlon or to sign up for triathlon training, click here.

Here are the dates for the 2012 Race Series:
Saturday, January 28th – FFC Oak Park ( 1114 Lake Street )
Saturday, February 11th – FFC East Lakeview (3657 N. Pine Grove)
Saturday, February 25th – FFC Union Station (444 W. Jackson )
Saturday, March 10th – FFC Gold Coast (1030 N. Clark Street)
Saturday, March 24th – FFC Lincoln Park ( 939 W. North Avenue )
Saturday, April 7th – FFC West Loop (10 S. Clinton )

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