Win a Free The Armpocket Sport for the runner in your family.

Win a Free The Armpocket Sport for the runner in your family.

What "they" don't tell you about running, is that it's not as simple as putting on your running shoes and heading out the door.

Your shoes need to be "fit" properly, you need the right kind of wickable gear, if you are going long, a hydration system is always a good thing and your keys, where do you put your keys?

I have tried storing them on my laces, in my pockets, a special slot in my hat and nothing really works 100% from preventing "key jiggle."  Couple your keys with smart phone, gels, extra cash, pictures of your kids, lucky charm, pony tail holders and gum, and suddenly you are packed for a short weekend!

Face it, there are a lot of us who run with a lot of "stuff."  The Armpocket Sport 20, is an affordable, well built answer to the "where do I put all my stuff" question.

Not too big and not too small, the arm pocket features a place for your smart phone, with a very responsive touchscreen, so you can change songs, text, make a call etc.

The quality and fit are what make the Armpocket Sport 2o such a stand out.  The memory foam padding on the back of the Armpocket Sport 2o contours to your arm, for a very good, jiggle free run.  Armpocket Sport 2D is made with water resistant recycled plastic to keep moisture away from sensitive electronic devices.  Three interior pockets have enough room for plenty of stuff, including your keys!

I am a big dude, and have big "man arms,"  because of this, there are several other brands that I have tested, but can't get to fit around my bicep, my "pipes" are just too big for a good fit.  The Armpocket Sport 20, has straps that are big enough to accommodate my monkey arms as well as the arms of the most petite runner and not feel too tight or too loose.

At $29.95 the Armpocket Sport 20 is a great gift at a reasonable price point.  Click here to order your own or learn more.

We have one Armpocket Sport 2D that we are giving away to one of you to use and enjoy, it's bright pink, brand new and ready to be won.  Leave a comment below and you could be sporting a Armpocket Sport 20 on your next run.

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  • I don't prefer pink, but I will wear it proudly. Free is my favorite price.

  • LOVE pink, LOVE running gear, would LOVE to own the Armpocket Sport 20.

  • This would be great. My daughter always snatches mine up when she goes for a run. next time I'll tell her this is the last time and surprise her .

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    This sounds great, and I plan to start running this week, once I get the proper shoes.

  • This looks like a fantastic addition to any runner's arsenal of tools. I would love to start running w/my iPhone so I could use the Runkeeper app and also so that I would have my phone with me in case of emergency - last year I wiped out on the ice with no phone to call for help. Luckily I wasn't hurt too badly, but it would have been nice to have the safety net.

  • I wish I had had this gear 2 iPods ago (hint: putting your iPod in your jog bra when out for a run is not the smartest idea). This is exactly what I need to help get me listening to my tunes again and being able to carry ID at the same time.

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