Forward is a Pace Raffle to Help End Crohns and Colitis

Forward is a Pace Raffle to Help End Crohns and Colitis

If you read The Pace, then you have some across the phrase "Forward Is A Pace," meaning as long as you are moving forward  you are heading in the right direction, doing great and should be proud.

I wish I could take credit for coining this catchy yet inspirational little catch phrase, but that credit goes to Lauren Kaminsky.

Sitting here, I am trying to come up with the right words to sum uo Lauren, her amazing outlook on life, her generosity with her time and all that she does for the endurance community.  If there is a better word than "amazing" fill it in here___________.

A marathon runner, a triathlete, a mentor and friend. Lauren has touched so many peoples lives, with her time, donations, participation and yes, encouragement when things go bad and the simple reminder that "Forward Is A Pace,: you can do anything!  Last weekend at the marathon as things started to go bad for Cubicle Dad(Daniel Malinski) I was packing up my minivan with a stroller and running shoes, ready to get to the city with my toddler, so I could run with Dan.  It was Lauren who not only talked me off the ledge, but jumped into the race to help Dan when he needed it most.  There are 1000 stories just like that.

She runs in a tiara, always has a smile on her face and is one of a handful of people who get fired up when Hanson music plays on the radio (though is has to be Disney radio, it still plays there ).

After giving so much, Lauren needs Chicago to help give back to her and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.  Lauren is hosting a raffle to help raise money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

Lauren is running in the Rock & Roll Half Marathon with Team Challenge to raise money, because as she puts it "Crohn’s and colitis suck and I’d like them to go away."

For a $5 donation you are entered to win an amazing assortment of running related stuff that includes:

Grand prize:
$100 giftcard to Everyday Endurance, donated by Everyday Endurance.
Race medal display of your choice from Allied Medal Displays, donated by Allied Medal Displays
Go Sport ID Inspire, donated by Go Sport ID
Fairy Wings Tee from Balancing Act Clothing, donated by Balancing Act Clothing
$50 iTunes gift card, donated by Lauren.

There are several ways to add to your odds, by donating more.

  • A $5 donation gets you one entry
  • A $10 donation gets you two entries
  • A $15 donation gets you four entries
  • A $20 donation gets you six entries
  • A $50 donation gets you 25 entries
  • A $100 donation gets you 100 entries!

Click here to go to Laurens home page, read more about her amazing efforts and get your raffle entry.

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