Christian Vande Velde, Home Grown Tough Guy.

To set the record straight, Jay Cutler is a football player, Christian Vande Velde is a gladiator.

If you need an example of how tough this Lemont native is, just Google the images of his Stage 2 finish at the Tour de France in 2010, soaked in blood, with two cracked ribs, Vande Velde wiped half way through the stage, but continued on to the finish as if was just another day at the office. Vande Velde says, “I didn't know I was bleeding from the face until I looked at my hand and there was blood all over it. Cycling is not soccer, it's not a lot of other sports, that's how it's always been, it's always been a blue collar sport. I've gotten on the bike with all sorts of broken bones, a broken arm, collar bone, you always try.”

Christian Vande Velde 1, Jay Cutler, still a wuss.

As the Tour de France is heating up, Vande Velde and his Garmin-Cervelo teammates are positioning themselves for a big finish.

I had a chance to sit down with Vande Velde and we talked about everything from cycling to his doppelganger.  Vande Velde is featured on the cover of this months Chicago Athlete Magazine and the entire intervew can be found on pages 37-38.

You're not going to find this father of two spending the off season strolling Rodeo Drive with his reality star girl friend ducking the paparazzi (like a certain weak kneed QB).

Even his training regimine is “tough,” Unlike most pro cyclists Vande Velde doesn't spend his Winter months training in warmer climates, he's back home, in Chicago, grinding it out in the bitter cold, snow and ice.  “ I stay here in Chicago and train in the cold weather, there’s nothing like doing four hours in 22 degree weather and having a good time.  Christmas eve it was snowing hard and I was out there with a smile on my face, I was thinking I am a bad ass.  The worst part is the roads are so bad, but I bundle up, ride my cross bike, which makes it a smooth ride.  As long as it's above 20, I am outside and having a great time.

Check out the full article by clicking here or picking up a copy of Chicago Athlete Magazine.



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  • He really has the passion towards cycling.
    What a very inspiring story.

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