The Most Inspirational 5K In Chicago, Pathways Foundation 5K


There are a lot of 5K races out there supporting all kinds of charities, each one of them deserves a gold star and a pat on the back.  

The Pathways Foundaiton 5K may not be the biggest race, or the hardest, but it is definitely one of the most inspirational.

There were no world class athletes, sponsor tents or bands, what was there is more important than anything Bret Michaels could ever bring to a race, pride and joy

Pride and joy a far as the eye could see, as the  the children and parents of Pathways did something that most of them probably never dreamed of doing, participating in a 5K.

One shirt on a runner simply said "Believe," and a bench near the start had the phrase "oh yes we can," painted on it.  More than catch phrases for these athletes, but words that guide them every single day.

For over 25 years Pathways has been helping children and their families fill their lives with pride, joy and hope, in situations that seem hopeless.  This years race is over, but you can still donate to support their efforts.

Click here for more information.

If you need a little motivation for your long run or bike today, check out the amazing athletes below, who all finished The Pathways Foundation 5K.



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  • The Pathways Walk is an amazing thing to be a part of. As the parent of a child with a disability who uses all of Pathway's resources, the people who make up the Pathways team are truly angels. My daughter would never have made it as far as she has, able to ride her bike in a 5K, without their love and support.
    It is a true joy to see all of the kids and all of their families out there to give support!!!

  • In reply to PattyO:

    Amen to that. Our son is a graduate of Pathways.

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