Thank Dad with the Nike 26.2 Preview This Saturday.

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If you have an endurance dad, then this weekend is a great opportunity to take him out, treat him right and get him a pretty cool gift all in the same place.

Saturday, June 18th in the Soldier Field South parking lot, Nike is going to be hosting a 26.2 Preview party as a kickoff for the journey to the Bank Of American Chicago Marathon.  Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein as well as Chicago Bear Earl Bennett will be out there to answer questions, show off the latest Nike gear and lead a group run.


Nike had a preview party for us media types earlier this week, where we able to test out the Nike Plus Sports Watch with GPS, these will be on sale at the Nike party and make a great gift for your pace pushing pop.  

Nike has bridged the gap between a technical running watch and something stylish to wear without looking like a total nerd. The Nike Plus Sports Watch with GPS is powered by Tom Tom, has everything from GPS to heart rate, it looks great and unlike the Garmin 405, it's very easy to use, with features that are runner friendly.  There are many cool features, but one that really stands out is the "lap button."  To mark a lap on the Nike Plus Sports Watch with GPS, you don't need to fumble around for a small button to hit, or mess with a beezle, all you need to do is hit the face of the watch, and it marks your lap. 

The watch also sends you a "friendly" reminder to get out and run, if it has been more than 5 days since your last run.  Simple and smart. 

Once you are done with your run, you can upload your workout directly to the Nike online community, which will keep progress of all your runs etc.  There are plenty of online stats trackers out there, but again, Nike has taken this to another level, by adding a personal cheering section for you while you are running, to something called Heat Maps, places that highlight popular running spots around the country.  If you travel, this is a great way to find a good place to run and at the same time, see how your time compares to the fastest people on this course, a little friendly virtual competition to keep things fun.


The Nike Plus Sports Watch with GPS costs
about $200, it works with GPS and the footpod that fits into a Nike
running shoe, which helps you track your progress even more accurately..  You don't have to have Nike shoes to use the watch.  It
does work on a bike, but not in the water.  

Finally they will be on sale along with other Nike running stuff at the Nike Kickoff on SaturdayClick here to find out more information on the party. 

October 9th may seem far away, but if you are training for the
marathon, the runs are getting longer and the number of days to the big
race, fewer.  This is a great way to say "thank you" to dad, have a little fun, talk to some experts and get in a run.

When: Saturday, June 18
Group runs begin at 6:30 a.m.; event continues until 4 p.m.
Earl Bennett appearance scheduled for 11 a.m.
Where: Soldier Field South Lot


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  • I have the Garmin 310XT and find that while I like all the data it produces it's HUGE for my smallish wrist and it seems to do much more than I need it to. I won it in a raffle so I'm not complaining and I think the fun of crunching the data has made me a more consistent runner I like the looks and features and size of the Nike plus sports watch. Do you have both? What do you see as pros/cons? The one thing I really do like about the Garmin is that it buzzes every mile with the preset lap distance so I don't have to worry about remembering to record laps/miles.

  • In reply to PoppyK:

    I like the mile buzz thing as well. I need to check and see if Nike has lap reminders. As far as using the watch, Nike wins, hands down.
    The stats part also wins, much more user friendly.
    It's like a Mac Vs. a PC. The Mac is pretty, fun and easy. The PC is more hard core.
    I would recommend hitting a shop or the Nike event and playing with one. They are pretty cool.

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