Registration for Ironman New York, Sells Out in 11 Minutes!

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If you are a triathlete and looking to for a new Ironman experience, and you had fast fingers then you are one of the lucky 2500 to be signed up.

Ironman New York City!  It sounds like a movie title, but it's real, for one day, the Ironman Triathlon will be taking over the streets of New York, New Jersey and the Hudson River.

The race was expected to sell out in minutes, and it did, 11 minutes to be exact!

Click here to see registration page. 

This is more than just another Ironman event, this is the home for the 2012 Ironman U.S. Championships.

The 140.6-mile race will take place in parts of both New York City and New Jersey, making it the most metropolitan environment ever to host an Ironman. The course will include a 2.4-mile swim in the Hudson River; a 112-mile bike ride on the Palisades Parkway in Bergen and Rockland Counties; and a 26.2-mile run beginning in Fort Lee, New Jersey and finishing in Riverside Park in Manhattan.

"We have been working for seven years to bring an Ironman to the metro area and it's finally here," said John Korff, organizer of the New York City Triathlon. "New York City and the surrounding tri-state community is a hotbed for triathlon, and we are thrilled to partner with Ironman and local officials to bring a new world-class race to the streets of New York and New Jersey."
Congratulations to those who got it.  Big Apple here comes the Ironman!


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  • It's funny - my husband just found a trove of his old bib #'s from races he did back in the early 80's. He was always careful to write the race name, race day weather, his time, the winning time and... the entry fee. Most were around $3 to $5. And then there were the photocopied sheets with all the finishers times. He said that was how you got your official time - a couple of weeks after the race you'd get an envelope with all the finishers times and you'd look through the list until you found your time. To regiter, you either did it in person at a running store or on the morning of the race or you could mail in your registration. It's amazing that now a 2500 person race can sell out in mere minutes.

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