Thick Fog Can't Slow Down Bike The Drive


The last time Lake Shore Drive was shut down, it was filled with several feet of snow and hundreds of cars stranded.  Sunday morning was a completely different story.,Road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, bikes with training wheels, hand cranks and one unicycle all took over Lake Shore Drive for the MB Financial Bike The Drive.

The thick blanket of fog didn't hamper the spirits of the 20 thousand bikers who took part in this Chicago tradition in an effort to support the Active Transportation Alliance.  If anything the fog made the entire event a little more special as riders rode along the lake, without having to worry about cars or red lights or even seeing the lake. 

"Summer in Chicago has begun! Families and friends are cruising up and down a car-free Lake Shore Drive and having the time of their lives," said Active Transportation Alliance Executive Director Ron Burke. "Many thousands of cyclists transformed this highway into a bicycling utopia."

If you haven't had a chance to Bike The Drive, this is a must add to your endurance bucket list.  It's not a race, this is more than a race, it's the  young, old, fast slow, teens, toddlers, twenty somethings and more, all gathering to ride their bikes and enjoy something that is uniquely "Chicago." Bike The Drive.

This years event may have passed, you can get involved by supporting the Active Transportation Alliance by clicking here.



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  • I tried to convince my husband to do Bike the Drive this year but we just couldn't get it together to make it happen. Hopefully next year!

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