Free Entry To The Trek Women's Triathlon! Free Stuff Thursday.


This is a good one, and with Mother's Day around the corner, what better way to treat yourself to something cool.

Our friends at Trek have offered up a free entry to the Trek Women's Triathlon in Pleasant Prairie on July 10th.

The 1/2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Bike & 3.1 Mile Run is perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes.  

Pleasant Prairie is an amazing venue for a triathlon, a place everyone needs to race at least once.  The lake is warm, the bike course beautiful and the run flat and fast.

Leave a comment below for yourself or for that special lady in your life and we will pick a winner next week.

More than a race, Trek has stepped up to support two great charities, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Team Survivor.  The video below with Sally Edwards has more information on the race, the charities and 5 reasons why you should try a triathlon, reason #4 is pretty cool: "Inside every woman there is an athlete."

No worries about finishing last, Sally Edwards always finishes last, so you are free and clear to race and have fun.

If you want to get out and race in a top notch event, that is testosterone free, then make sure to click here to check out the Trek Women's Triathlon.

Leave a comment below to enter to win and check out the image gallery from the Trek Women's Triathlon.



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  • I'm first! Is #1 ever randomly chosen?

  • Tris are expensive but they are my new romance. They've made me enjoy my running more and have given me more confidence in my performance. Plus, my mom thinks swimming is good "for the waistline". Yes, my mom still says stuff like that.

  • Perfect timing - just was trying to figure out how to afford the entry fee for a summer tri! It will be my first!! :)

  • A few weeks ago, my mom purchased her first road bike. This weekend, I will be following in her footsteps. Woo hoo!!

  • Hi David,
    My agency is hosting a race May 22 for Mental Health ( C4 Miles)
    It's our 4th annual , and one of the very few around to raise funds for mental health treatment and fight stigma. I'd like to get you more info so you can consider blogging about this.
    thanks, Marcy ( You can visit for more info.)

  • This would be my first tri! :)

  • This was my very first Tri ever (back when it was Danskin) It would be great to return to it!

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