Are You A Fitness, Mom Blogger. Check This Out!!!


Childbirth can be tough on the body, the extra weight, exhaustion, some of the physical changes that take its toll can be devastating on your physical condition if you are not careful.  That's just for the dads!!!


Seriously, it's a tough road for women to bounce back from babies and the tremendous life change that comes with being a parent.  Circle of Moms is a web site/community for mothers to get information, share stories and find support (dad's it's pretty cool for guys as well).  They are looking for the Top 25 Health & Fitness Moms Blogs.

They understand that every woman's journey to fitness is different and want to use these blogs as a source of information and inspiration for other moms out there.

The final Top 25 will be featured on The RoundUp, the Circle of Moms news letter that goes out to 6 million moms! The article will include a short interview and picture of each Top 25 winner.

Entries are due by June 1, 2011, but the sooner you get in your entry, the quicker your friends and family can start to vote for you.

This is my not so subtle HINT for Super Coach and mom Jennifer Harrison, you should do this! Flat tummy, runs like a race horse, takes care of her two kids, manages her insane athletes and keeps up her blog.

It's a great opportunity to share your journey with other moms out there, as well as be recognized for all your hard work.

Click here for all the details and to enter.


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  • Did you say flat tummy? That is all I read in this blog. LOL !! After having twins I would not say "flat" but I'll take it. Thanks Dave...I'll check it out! :)

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