It's Time.

Imagine James Earl Jones voice reading this to you, while drums build to a crescendo in the background.

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Sunday, April 10th 2011. 

This is the day, we have been waiting for.  Through the long Winter, we ran on treadmills, rode on trainers, swam in pools, looking out through frosty windows, wondering "when is Spring going to be here, when is it our turn again."

It's here Chicago!

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It's time to run through the streets, to Bike the Drive, to swim in the lakes, to throw your hands up in the air and yell like hell as you cross the finish line.

It's time to slather on the sun block, gulp down gels, wear spandex in public and not feel weird.  It's time to look at that line in the sand 3.1 or 140.6 miles away and know that you will get there!  You will fight through pain, you will get up when you fall, you will raise money, you will cross the finish line with your kids, you will honor a family member, you will not stop, you will have fun.

You can do anything if you believe in yourself!

Shamrock kicks it off. 40,000 glorious runners waking up the Spring Gods with the thunder of their feet, hearts pounding, crowds cheering! 


It's time Chicago. 

Let's do this!



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  • Good luck to all! Looks like we can't have a running event without excessive heat! Oh well, it is a welcome change.

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