Free Stuff Tuesday! Ravenswood Run 5K!


It's April, which means a new issue of Chicago Athlete is out and full of great information, races and much more.  

This months issue is the charity issue which features an amazing article about local athlete/mom Julie Snyder and her daughter Jenna.  Try and making it through the first two paragraphs without tearing up, this is a great story.  There are great tips on traveling for sport, what you need to know, before you go.  How to get your bike ready for Summer and my article on the massive amount of doping that is going on in masters level cycling.  Doping in masters cycling, the mental equivalent of taking steroids to increase your Social Club softball stats! but It's not new and happening all around Chicago.

To celebrate another great issue of the best endurance magazine in Chicago, we are giving away a free entry to the Fleet Feet Sports, Ravenswood Run 5K on May 1, 2011.

Enjoy the charm of historic Ravenswood at the 15th annual Ravenswood Run! Experience a top-notch event with a community feel.  This unique 5K is truly a neighborhood race, running through scenic city streets, and benefiting two local charities.
The proceeds from the Ravenswood Run benefit the Ravenswood Community Services Food Pantry at All Saints' Episcopal Church and the Student Health Centers at Lake View and Amundsen High Schools.


All you have to do to win is leave a comment below and we will pick a winner next Tuesday!  Make sure to check out Chicago Athlete online by clicking here or pick up a copy at your favorite shop.

Thanks to Chicago Athlete Magazine and Fleet Feet Sports for the Free Entry!

Leave a comment and good luck!


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  • Would it be a good idea to run a 5K after the Illinois Marathon?

  • i'd run this.

  • I think, that'd be a fun race to run though.

  • Would like to run this race!

  • 1st 5K for the year already signed up

  • Just getting back into running and had a blast at today's Shamrock Shuffle! Met some people after the race today who were raving about the upcoming Ravenswood 5K (no pun intended) and I'd really love to do this one. :)

  • I have been hearing great things about this race and thus have chosen for it to be my first 5k of the year! Can't think of a better way to begin my training season!!!

  • Me, please!!

  • I ran this race like 13 or 14 years ago, or so it seemed. May of been the first year it was run. Was pretty good way back then, they must have it really tweaked it by now. Would be nice to run again

  • sounds like a great run

  • A great way to start the month of May. A great race, then if I'm not mistaken Glenn's Diner is pretty close for a nice breakfast. Thanks Chicago Athlete

  • Was there ever a winner for the free entry? Thought the winner was going to be selected on April 12th!

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