Big Sale Monday- Bike Jerseys $20!!!

Bike Jersey

Crank the Earth is a local bike jersey company who has made a big impact on the local cycling scene.

They take custom designs from artists who submit their ideas (anyone can submit), then they let people decide which design should become a jersey, by letting them vote online.

The result?  Great looking, top quality jerseys that are wearable works of art and look MUCH cooler than a Radio Shack rip off.

Every Monday in April, they are having a sale on selected jerseys for $20! The Pace of Chiago jersey is a part of this sale!!! Try finding a good new jersey for $20, it's not easy.  

Today (Monday, April 18th) is another opportunity to check out their designs and get yourself something special.

Click here to check out Crank The Earth and support a local member of our Chicago community.

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