You Say Goobye and I Say Hello


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Generally people who work in this industry do it, because they love it. They are passionate about their sport and want to share that passion with other people. They don't do it go get rich or famous, most of them end up spending more time working that getting to participate, but you never hear the good ones complain.

Anne Barnes from Turin in Evanston falls under that category. She is one of the best.  After seven years of working at Turin ( I thought she owned the place) Anne has decided to leave Turin for other opportunities. She is an Anne of all trades and if you are looking to hire someone, the energy, passion and personality she brought to Turin would be a great addition to your company.  

Like many athletes in the area, Anne has been the person I have turned to for advice, article ideas and great conversation.  She has been the cornerstone of the community that makes Turin such a special place.  She will be missed.

Rumor has it that Anne will be coaching in the area, if that's true, then the cyclists and triathletes of the Chicago area are in for a huge treat!  Attention triathlon and bike teams, first one to hire Anne wins!

Friday, March 25th is her last day, make sure to stop into Turin to wish her well, give her a hug and say thank you for making our community a better place.  If you can't make it in, make sure to leave her a note below.


Last Summer, it broke my heart to write about the closing of Smart Cycling in Glenview.  The loss of coach Steve Thordarson and his expertise to the area, was a big hit.  Steve is a coach, a master bike fitter and one of the smartest cycling minds in the country.

After several long months, Coach Steve is back and doing what he does best for Village Cycle Sport in Elk Grove Village.

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If you are looking to tune up your bike or get a fit that won't quit, then make sure to call for your appointment with Steve. As the weather gets warmer, now is the perfect time to do both, so you are ready to ride smooth and strong in the sunshine.

Click here to contact Steve and Village Cycle Sport.

Welcome back Coach Steve! 

We will miss you Anne.

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