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To say Sally Edwards has had a positive impact on endurance sports, is like saying Billy Dec kind of like hats, an understatement! Besides being one of the founders of Fleet Feet Sports, Yuba Snowshoes and Heart Zones USA, Edwards has completed over 150 races including more than 75 Danskin Triathlons and 16 Ironman Triathlons.... Read more »

Free Entry to SheRox Triathlon- Free Stuff Tuesday!

It’s Free Stuff Tuesday!  Ladies this one is just for you, so get ready to leave a comment below to win our prize of the week! The best thing about the growth of endurance sports are the options available to athletes that weren’t available just a few short years ago. Max Multisport has been a... Read more »

Twin Lakes Triathlon Open For Registration

If you are new to the sport or looking for a great low key, well run, fast course, then make sure to add The Twin Lakes Triathlon to your race schedule. This was the first triathlon I ever raced in and I make it a point to get back to Twin Lakes as much as... Read more »

Green Bay Cycles Fills A Void In The North Shore for Cyclists.

If you ride your bike along Sheridan Road, then you are aware of the  huge gap in bike shops on the North Shore, from Turin in Evanston to Albertos in Highland Park.  Sure there are the mom and pop places along the way, but you are mostly on your own out there as you wind... Read more »

You Say Goobye and I Say Hello

Goodbye- Generally people who work in this industry do it, because they love it. They are passionate about their sport and want to share that passion with other people. They don’t do it go get rich or famous, most of them end up spending more time working that getting to participate, but you never hear... Read more »

Velotopia at Turin!

Once a year Turin hosts Velotopia, a weekend long bike fiesta, featuring great deals, seminars, prizes and guest speakers.  Today at 2:00 Claire George will be speaking about her age group win and Kona qualifying time at Ironman- Wisconsin and answering questions as well. If you are training for an Ironman or just contemplating your... Read more »

No Place For Nudity in Pro Cycling!

At least not on the advertising for a race.  According to KCB a sponsor the E3 Prijs Vlaanderen-Harelbeke race, the race poster featuring Flemish Playboy model Gaelle Garcia Diaz naked was too sexy.  The poster shows Gaelle with several cyclists riding over her body which is said to represent the short steep climbs that typify... Read more »

St. Patricks Day Fun At Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet Sports has hosted a Chick’s Night for years, on Thursday, March 17, it’s DNO aka-Dudes Night Out, a night dedicated to just the dudes. Festivities kick off at at 8pm with plenty of tournament basketball, challenges for prizes and awesome product demos. The first 75 guys in attendance will receive a FREE pint... Read more »

Back From The Dead- Part 2.

Kona qualifiers, Cubicle Dad and me all have this amazing woman to thank for leading us on our journey to the finish line.
A week ago, I shared the story of my journey into the great beyond and back.  How over training and not listening to my body, killed me. I received a great deal of well wishes and a few slaps in the face. I thank you all. Now, it is day #1.  I am cleared to... Read more »

Tsunami Damages Ironman Course in Hawaii.

Triathlete Magazine photographer Joel Noa was in Kona during the Tsunami and was able to capture some amazing images of the damage to the usual calm waters of Kailua-Kona, home of the Ironman World Championships and the swim start of the race. We put together a before and after image gallery of the course in... Read more »