Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Vs. The 2011 Chicago Blizzard


For those of you who know me, this isn't going to come as a surprise, for the rest of you, let me share something, I am a bit of a skeptic.  If someone tells me something "is the best," I am the first to say prove it to me.

After watching a commercial in December for the Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm clothes, where athletes are training at COLD CAMP in an Arctic setting, wearing nothing more than their Pro Combat Hyperwarm gear, I wanted to see for myself how good this stuff was, or if it was just marketing hype.

I contacted Nike, asking to get my hands on some of their new Pro Combat Hyperwarm gear and they sent me Hyperwarm compression speed tights, a Hyperwarm mock turtle neck and Hyperwarm Dr-Fit thermal crew as an outer layer .  

As expected, the stuff is colorful, looks great and has a nice fit.  When it comes to style and comfort, Nike knows how deliver, but could it perform under pressure?  It's one thing to take the gear out for a little jog in the cold and see if it keeps me warm, wicks and feels good, it's another to be able to go into a massive storm, like in the commercials and make good.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011, when Snowtorious BIG dumped 22 inches of the fluffy stuff on Chicago, I looked at this as an opportunity to head out into the storm wearing nothing but shoes, gloves, my shoveling chapeau (also Nike) and my new Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm gear.  My mission, make a Cold Camp of my own as I tried to shovel out my house, and three neighbors.  Much to the chagrin of my neighbors, Nike only sent me the tights, and I am not quite as fit as the athletes in the commercials, so they had to deal with me prancing around the neighborhood with my form fitting tights on.

Game on! The rules were simple, I would stop working when I became too cold, too wet or too uncomfortable.  For two hours ( much longer than I would have been outside running) I shoveled, scraped and chopped away at the ice and snow that at times was waste deep, and not once did I feel overly cold or uncomfortable. 


I was working up quite a sweat as I cleared each neighbors sidewalk
etc. and the Pro Combat Hyperwarm gear kept my body dry, warm and
comfortable as I toiled away in the freezing, windy conditions.  Nike
Pro Combat Hyperwarm
, took on the Chicago Blizzard of 2011 and kicked
it's butt.

I don't expect anyone to ever try and run in the
conditions I was working in, however if you are a cross country skier
looking for some top notch gear, then this is something
worth looking into. The tights on the Nike web site sell for $55.00 as
compared to other brands that range from $75 to &120, this is a
quality product at an affordable rate.

For you runners out
there, despite what Punxsutawney Phil says, we have plenty of cold days
ahead of us and the Pro Combat Hyperwarm series of gear is more than
just marketing hype, it backs up its promise with a solid, well made
product that will keep you warm and dry as you make your way through
the frozen tundra known as Chicago Winter.


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