Free Stuff Tuesday- Spinervals DVD's From Coach Troy!


If you are training on your bike indoors, then you know what true boredom can feel like.  Movies, music, groups can all help temper that boredom, but eventually it creeps back in, you are on a bike inside, in the same place.

Coach Troy Jacobson is the creator of the Spinervals series of DVD's that keep your heart rate pegged, your legs screaming and the boredom down to zero.


In a nut shell, Spinervals and Runervals are recorded spin classes for roadies and triathletes.  Instead of having to elbow mommies out of the way to get to the best spin bike, so you can listen to a re-mix of Madonna. You are at home, on your bike, working out to titles like Suffering on the Chesapeake, Warrior Training and Developing Technique and Power.  

That's the point. Spinervals wasn't designed to hep you look better in your skinny jeans (though it is an added benefit) they are made to make you stronger, faster and better on the bike.

Working out alone, or inviting a bunch of buddies to workout with you, these DVD's are a great way to make indoor training fun and worth while.

There are literally dozens of workouts developed for the beginner to Ironman training, from 30 minutes long, to riding the entire course in Madison, Coach Troy covers it better than anyone else out there.

This weeks gift to you is two copies of Coach Troys' latest titles, Suffering on the Chesapeake and Warrior Training, two DVD's that will keep you motivated through the indoor trainer season and help improve your abilities once you get outside.

Leave a comment below and you are entered to win these great workouts from Spinervals and Coach Troy.  

Make sure to click here to check out all of the great Spinervals and Runervals titles.

Good luck and leave a comment below.


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  • Right up my alley! My first season as an indoor cycle athlete, and it's time for a new routine. I've gone through all DVDs multiple times, and the news is only so exciting at 6am. I do enjoy these DVDs though. They give great visual and audio cues on training and how to achieve the best workout possible. It's also motivating to see fit athletes kicking butt and pushing through. I enjoy Coach Troy's video montages of him riding on the open road. Even better visual cues!

  • After starting racing as a Cat 5 last year, and getting routinely dropped like a hot rock on climbs, I bought Spinervals 9 Have Mercy, this off season to see if I could improve my power for next years races. I've been doing that workout once a week, and I am a totally different racer this year. I have since bought the Uphill Grind, and Totally Time Trials to round out the indoor training. Great videos, but my competition is going to learn to hate them!

  • I have used a couple of Spinervals and it has definitely helped break the boredom of indoor training and has made me a much stringer triathlete.
    I would love to win these training DVDs.

  • I love the Virtual Cycling DVD's, did the Madison training ride yesterday. With this cold weather here in Illinois I think I will do Mt. Lemmon from the Tucson training rides today, wish I could join you for the spring training rides in AZ. Keep up the good work!!

  • I love all the spinervals DVD's! Definitely helps with winter training! :)

  • The DVD's give me at least an 800 calorie burn and I never get bored. I belong to the cult of Coach Troy.

  • Not even sub-zero weather can keep me off my bike, although it's set up on a trainer in my basement. And I use Spinerval DVD workouts to make sure I'm riding my best so I am road ready whenever all this blasted snow is gone.

  • I love Coach Troy and Spinerval workouts. Whenever I get on my trainer I must admit causes me to cringe. But an hour later I'm soaked in sweat and Troy is thanking me for the great workout! Been doing the Spinervals since the early 90's when a pony-tailed Coach Troy introduced me to Wendy Wing-nut Ingram and the lung burning race simulation in the very first Spinervals workout

  • riding with coach Troy is always a motivator on these cold winter training days.

  • I love Spinervals! What a great way to train during the winter! Thanks, Coach Troy!

  • Love Spinervals & Runervals...use them weekly!

  • I am totally burned out on my trainer! This is my week to WIN!!!

  • These sound great! Anything to make the trainer less boring...

  • Those DVDs sound awesome! I have been thinking about getting a trainer and they would be perfect!

  • I got a trainer for Christmas, these would definitely help give me some added motivation!

  • Just a comment - I don't want to win because I don't train on my bike indoors - unless they are willing to substitute a runervals dvd. I'm fascinated by the idea of the runervals dvd workouts. I have to check with my gym to see if any of their treadmills are equipped with dvd-capability or else see if I can download these from iTunes to my iphone - it would be a great way to vary my indoor running workouts and get the most out of my time.

  • I love Spinervals!!

  • I used to hate indoor bike training until I started Spinervals. I have about 10 DVD's and love them all. Coach Troy is awesome. I'm looking forward to doing "Tough Love" very soon!

  • Count me in!

  • This would probably be a neat alternative to the helliptical! I'm in!

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