Win A Free Entry to The Shamrock Shuffle Courtesy of Chicago Athlete Magazine.

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If you've never heard of Chicago Athlete Magazine, let me be the first to say, "welcome you to Chicago, I hope you are enjoying your first day here."

Shops, races, people may come and go, but Chicago Athlete has been the one the constants for over 20 years, sharing news, information, calendars and plenty of other great stuff.

Starting this month and continuing until they get sick of me(which may be next month), you will be able to read my column in Chicago Athlete Magazine.  This will be original content that you don't read here online, more in-depth stories and yes, I am sure a few rants. To be a part of this group of writers, artists and athletes is an honor.


As a way of celebrating my new home, the folks at Chicago Athlete Magazine are giving away a free pass to the biggest party of the year, otherwise known as The Bank Of America Shamrock Shuffle. This race sells out every year and is filling up fast. Thanks to the folks at Chicago Athlete Magazine, we are giving you a free pass to the big race.

That's right, you can join 40,000 other runners as they make their way through the 5 mile course in the official kickoff to the race season on April 10th all courtesy of Chicago Athlete Magazine.

All you need to do to enter to win is leave a comment below and we will announce the winner on Friday.

Click here to check out Chicago Athlete online as well as what else in in this months issue.  You can read about The Top 25 Midwest
, How to Drop Those Holiday Pounds, as well as my article on Dave
Kappas.  Most of you have heard his voice, some of you may know his
face, that's because Dave is the official voice of dozens of endurance
events around the area.  Now in his 20th year of working in Chicago,
Kappas is fighting a kidney disease known as PKD.  Despite being down
to 18% kidney use, Kappas is using the strength of the athletes that
surround him to fight the disease, raise money and awareness.

Good luck leave a comment below and thanks to the folks at Chicago Athlete Magazine.
Finally.  Congratulations to PoppyK, NKazee and MauraHeizer, you are all winners of new Craft base gear from Turin in Evanston.  Congratulations and enjoy training in warmth and comfort.


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  • Congrats Dave! Look forward to reading more from you.

  • Woo! I have not yet registered for the ShamShuf as I was debating the $45 entry fee in the grand scheme of race fees for the year and it didn't quite compute in. I would love a free entry since if I do well enough in this race it could mean better start corrals for races later this year.

  • I would love an entry!

  • Free entry!? Yes please - that means I will be able to afford my entrance fee for the Ragnar Relay. Anyone else looking for the RR? We still need a few on our team.

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Yay I'm doing the RR too! We're the Runnin' Rhinos! I'm so excited! What's your team name?

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Thanks, Dave! Now get the entry winner and everyone on this string to come join us on TEAM CPD at the Shamrock Shuffle and honor Chicago's fallen Police Officers and firemen!! email for details! :)

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Tired of treadmill running, warm up a little Chicago so I can run outdoors again This will be my 1st Shamrock Shuffle!!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I'd love to win a free entry. The Shamrock Shuffle was a lot of fun last year and I'd love a chance to run it again.

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I'd love to win a free entry. Hopefully this year the weather will be better...Pray for no snow or rain, but sunshine!!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Everyone love free entries! Enjoy you're new home at Chicago Athlete Magazine!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I would love a free pass to the 2011 Shamrock Shuffle. This is a great race. This year funds are tight and I have to pick and choose entry fees. It's cold and lonely running out there now. Would love to be in that big crowd of energy!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I would be most appreciative if I won a free entry into this race.I absolutely love the Chicago running community and as much as i love to race, I make sure to contribute numerous volunteer hours at races I don't run in. I've run the shuffle for a couple of years but due to financial hardships(poor college student), i cant afford to run this year.

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Havent tried this one yet, please pick me!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I'll enter and give it to the hubby! he deserves a break and a 5 mile race that he supported me at for my first race ever would be a good one!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I would love to win a free entry to the Shamrock Shuffle!! This would be my first race and could open the doors to many more!!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Looking forward to reading your column and giving my free entry to my brother. He was injured last year and wasn't able to run with me. I'm already registered this year. He's been my inspiration and cheering squad as I went through my first year of running.

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    don't pick me! does reverse psychology work? if not, pick me =)

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    I would like an entry Shamrock Shuffle. I enjoying running and if you pick me I bet I would beat everyone to the finish line in my first try.

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    Not only will running and training help me for this event, but I will kill two birds with one stone by doing this because one I will finish my first run ever and two I will be a healthier and more fit person.

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    New to Chicago and looking forward to doing this with my roommates!

  • In reply to Wesbecher:

    This would be so sweet as I am so broke

  • Congrats David, that's awesome buddy. I wish you the best at Chicago Athlete Magazine I know you'll do awesome. Looking forward to reading your column!

  • If you pick me for the free pass, I'll donate my registration fee to charity!!! :)

  • I ran my first 5k this past fall in Pumpkins for the Park! I need to stay motivated and sign up for the Shamrock Shuffle. I've know about the Shuffle for years, but never trained enough to do it. Now I am finally disciplined enough to do it! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • If you pick me for the free pass, I'll donate my registration fee to charity!!! :)

  • Love Chicago Athlete magazone!

  • i would love an entry for my first Shamrock Shuffle attempt! :)

  • i would love an entry to my first shamrock shuffle attempt! :D

  • I look forward to reading your column in Chicago Athlete Magazine!

  • Yay Chicago Athlete Magazine! I've never done the shamrock shuffle but I'd love to try it this year!

  • yes please!

  • yes please!

  • I've never run a marathon before and think this may be a good race to start with =)

  • I'd love to be able to enter the race!

  • I'd love to be able to enter the race!

  • This looks like a great race! :)

  • I would love a free entry!

  • Woo-hoo -- so excited to be a winner! What do I need to do to claim my award from Turin? (And, um, can this comment serve as my entry into the Shamrock Shuffle contest? It's going to be my first race of the year!)

  • David, Good luck with your new column!

  • YES good luck with the new column ....

  • I saw a sign that opened up my eyes I saw a sign.... I have been making every excuse in the book not to run, biggest one (low on funds), if i win I guess that will be another sign and I will just have to partake in this fabulous race!

  • Would love to run! Pick me!

  • Kiss me I'm Irish!! Heck Yes, sign me up for a free entry! Thanks!!

  • Would love to afford this race again! Haven't run it in 2 years :(

  • Please help me with a free entry to start going to races again, it will be a great incentive to goback...<3

  • I have refused to run this race for so long thinking it was way too much money for too short of a distance, however I have always been secretly wanting to participate. After running the rock and roll half last year, I realize how fun the course is too! Sign me up for a chance to win and thank you!!

  • I would love to get free entry to the Shamrock Shuffle!! I haven't run this race yet, but I only hear great things.

  • woohoo the shammy shuffle!! pick me!

  • absolutely positively do not pick me.. unless you really really want to :) and then the answer is yes!

  • Everbody's Irish at the Shamrock Shuffle!

  • Very excited that the Shuffle in in April - maybe the weather will be a bit more forgiving. I'm in!

  • Recovering from a foot injury, but I hope to run the Shuffle!

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