New and Improved Running Away Multisport!


I have several city friends who "claim" that they don't travel farther than North than Addison, because it's too "suburban" after that.  These are also the same friends who are 40, living along and have several cats, but hey, at least they keep in business.

Anyway, the point is, by sticking to that ridiculous rule, they have been missing out on being able to experience the Running Away Multisport in Deerfield (yes, Deerfield is North of Addison).

Luckily for you city dwellers Running Away Multisport has outgrown their current location and will be moving to a new, larger location. Effective January 29th, the Chicago location will move from North & Marshfield to Clybourn & Webster.

This new 6,000 square foot facility will include a top notch bike sales and service department featuring a lineup of quality Road & TT Bikes from GURU( I want one!!!), Cervelo, Felt and Wilier.

In addition to the bike sales and service department, their new Chicago facility will feature a state-of-the-art fit studio built around the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit.  The best fit experience you will have on a bike.

New Store Address:
2219 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL

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  • I try not to travel further South than Denali park, because its too URBAN after that and I have several DOGS, get it right!

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