Lessons Learned in 2010

I have learned a lot.

There are a lot of people making resolutions this time of year, which I think is great, goal setting is an important aspect in any part of your life.  While I too am working on what my goals for this year are going to be, I am using the lessons I have learned from the past year to be the foundation for the goals that I have this new year.  After 540 miles of racing and countless hours of training, I thought I'd share a few of the things that I learned.

Steelhead Finish.png

I learned that racing two races in the same day is hard.  However if you are going to try it, do it back to back, like I did with the LATE Ride and the Splash, Pedal, Dash Triathlon.  When I had to wait several hours, like I had to between the Twin Lakes Triathlon and the Rainbows 5K, it almost killed me.

I learned that there are a ton of amazing races and events in this area, too many to do in one Summer.  I was fortunate to have participated in just a few(20 total) , I look forward to doing more next year.

I learned that nutrition can make you a stronger, better athlete.  Beth Shutt superstar nutritionist helped fine tune this machine, with yummy, nutritional goodness.  I still hate broccoli, but will eat it.

I learned that I can endure a lot of pain.  I came face to face with my "line in the sand at Steelhead 70.3 Triathlon," and went past it.  The run at the Steelhead 70.3 triathlon was the single most painful run I have ever attempted, cramped and burnt out, I hobbled through 13.1 miles of hell.  Despite having my worst 70.3 time, I never felt better for making it to that finish line.

I learned that the generosity of this town is second to none.

I learned what complete exhaustion feels like.

I re-learned what diaper rash feels like.
I learned how amazing laying on the couch can feel.

I learned that I can win!  Though, it wasn't a race, I was the first
one to make it to the end of the 100 mile Tri State Tour, and felt
pretty darn good after 100 miles in the heat.  Next year as "defending
champ, I say bring it on to all of you!  This is a great event that
should be on your calendar.

I learned that a great bike fit and bike seat can make all the
difference in the world.  All Summer long Trek had promised me they were
going to donate a new triathlon bike to my cause, it never showed up. 
I was ready to give up on my tri. bike, because of pain. Then the team team at
Running Away Multisport stepped in and introduced me to their new Guru tru fit machine, combined with a new
Adamo bike saddle
, and I rocked my fastest, most comfortable 56 miles

I learned that with the right wet suit, even cold water can be tolerable.  Thank you Rocket Science.

I Learned I Have a Lot of People To Thank.  Thank you all.

Happy New Year!



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  • I love this post. What a fabulous recap of the year you had. Can't wait to hear what's in store in 2011!

  • Love the recap of your year! I've been enjoying following your blog and hearing more about multisport and running events in Chicago!! Happy New Year!

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