Gift Ideas For Triathletes.

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We've been getting a lot of questions about what to get triathlete's for the holidays.  Beyond the new bike and the $600 wet suit, we put together some cool ideas that are affordable, bundleable, and guaranteed to make your favorite triathlete happy this holiday season. 

Pack a Triathlon Bag full of triathlon stuff-Packing for a triathlon is like packing for a long weekend, you need a lot of stuff, unfortunately most triathletes don't realize that until the night before the race.  Our suggestion is buy your favorite triathlete a much needed triathlon bag and then stuff it with the items in the image gallery below.
We have tested several bags, our favorite is The Rocket Science Real Joe or Real Jane Transition Bag. Blueseventy, TYR and DeSoto also make top quality bags that hold everything from wet suits to cell phones.

All of these items can be found at Fleet Feet Sports, Running Away Multisport, Runners High n' Tri. And of course online.


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