Free Stuff Wednesday- 2 Free Passes to Ray's Mountain Bike Park

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Wisconsin is starting to scare me, it is becoming cool.  The Ironman, Bong Time Trial, Racine 70.3, Big Foot Triathlon, Miller Ride for the Arts, Pleasant Prairie Triathlon and now it has a Ray's Mountain Bike Park! Wha!

Not familiar with Ray's? Now is your chance, because only a short 70 miles away is one of the coolest indoor facilities for ripping it up on your mountain bike in the country.

Ray's isn't the usual local park set up you find in your neighborhood.  It's huge! With enough twists, turns, jumps and rails to keep you riding, flipping and tricking all day long.  

Up until now, the only Ray's was in Cleveland and a little hard to get to, but on November 12th, Ray's is open for business in Milwaukee and we have 2, two day passes to get in on the opening weekend action.

This is your chance to be one of the first to rip it up at Ray's and hang out with some world class riders at the same time: Aaron Chase, Dave Mirra, Heather Irmiger (yummy), Cam McCaul, Taj Mihelich, Ross Schnell and Brandon Semenuk are all scheduled to be at Ray's to kick off the action.

All you have to do to enter is leave your name below and you could be flying through the air at Ray's and part of the biggest party to see Milwaukee since Brett Farve got a hold of a camera phone!

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Click here to learn more about Ray's, check out the opening weekend festivities or to buy a season pass (available Friday).

Remember to leave a comment below and you could be on your way to Ray's!

Check out this episode of Road Fools as they visit Ray's in Cleveland.  This is going to be awesome!


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  • Been to Cleveland a couple of times..MKE's gonna be a game changer. Looking forward to a looong Wisconsin winter at Ray's!

  • Indoor MTB thats what im talking about :)

  • I basically live at Rays CLE!!! Love it, best place ever! I cannot wait to ride MKE! Its going to be a blast.

  • I would love to check out Ray's MKE. Ray's CLE is amazing as it is!

  • Been to the original Ray's a lot of times. Can't wait to check out the Milwaukee park.

  • Never been to Ray's but my office is a few blocks away in MKE and I plan to be there a LOT !

  • Really excited to have this within 2hrs of Chicago. It'll be a nice treat for those frigid February days.

    David Bowers

  • AWESOME....I can't wait. I've been talking about heading east for a long more excuses!

  • Totally phyched!!! Ray's is awesome and tons of fun for anyone who rides. Can't wait to check it out!

  • im in

  • My 6 year old and I can't wait to check it out! Dont be jealous when he rides better than u =)

  • In reply to BMXspeedqueen:

    That's not saying much.

  • In reply to BMXspeedqueen:

    Throw my name on the list too

  • In reply to kkreos:

    Oops, my mistake, I will be in town the weekend AFTER opening. Please remove my name.... Some might call me an idiot.

  • In reply to kkreos:

    My name is Audrey Thibeau and I need to win [at life]!

  • In reply to kkreos:

    I too have enjoyed the park out in Cleveland a few times... looking forward to checking out the MKE! Shiny new with a TREK influence... wondering what that is going to be like. Thanks for the opportunity! Pick me!

  • In reply to kkreos:

    So did I win yet or what!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to floozefactor:

    We will let the winners know on Monday!!!

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