Look Up In The Sky!!! It's Cubicle Dad!


If you need a reason to get fired up, just click here and read about Dan-Cubicle Dad Malinski.

We have been running together for 10 months and in that time Dan has lost 108 pounds.  A lot has changed for Dan in the last year, he is now a "runner," a year ago, he was an obese father who was afraid to take a step towards a better life, like many of us he dreamed of it, talked about it, but it stopped there.

Then Dan did something amazing, he took a step, he took control of his life and decided for now on, I am going to be different, I am going to turn my back on the past and make myself a better man, for myself, for my family for my little girls.

That first step was the first of thousands, which includes three half marathons, countless hours of training and reinventing himself as an athlete, a writer and a role model.

Dan's efforts have not gone unrecognized.  He was picked as one of ten motivating stories by the folks at the Bank Of American Chicago Triathlon in their 10-10-10:The Date To Motivate Campaign.

If you look up in the sky, you can see flags of Dan all over the city, on the Kennedy, Dan and the other amazing athletes are featured on the side of the now famous building that used to grace Michael Jordan's face.

In 19 short days, Dan will toe it up in Grant Park to chase his goal of becoming a marathon runner.  He has sacrificed, trained, struggled and with 19 short days to go, he is ready.

I have been fortunate enough to be Dan's running buddy.  I have watched
him struggle through short runs that seemed next to impossible to busting out a half
marathon at an amazing speed.We have run through cold, wet and insane heat, 4 seasons later he is ready.  Dans spirit and determination has
motivated me to keep going towards my own goals, he is my friend and

He has reached 2 out of 3 of his goals.  He met his fund raising goal, though you still have time to keep on donating.  He blew past his weight loss goal of 100 pounds.  One more to go,

As we countdown to the big day, check out the video about Dan and the rest of the athletes. Send them all some love.  It's time to fire up!

Leave him some love as count down to the big day.



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  • Way to go Dan!! You truly are an inspiration to many!!!

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