An Exclusive Look at the Chicago Triathlon.

If you were at the 2010 Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon, you may have noticed a camera crew in the water on the bike and on the run, filming the race from the point of view of a competitor.  That maniac was local director of photography Mike Kweilford of Potenza productions

With a little direction and a LOT of creative energy, Mike edited all night long and has put together a look at the 2010 Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon that is second to none.  We actually got into the water for the men and women's pro start with our camera's to give you a look at what it's like to get into the mix with the best in the world. To see more of Mike's work, click here.  Enjoy this inside look at the 2010 Chicago Triathlon.  YouTube only allows us to upload small files, so it's a lttle grainy, to see the video in full HD, click here! It's MUCH better in HD!

The Results

Over 8500 athletes took part in the Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon and tw


o came out on top.  What started out as a moderate day, temperature wise, turned into very hot conditions for the later waves and the pros. who started last. 

As temperatures climbed to 80-degrees, Matt Reed, 34, and Sarah Haskins, 29, worked to defend their 2009 Chicago win, that led to respective championships of the 2009 Life Time Fitness Series Race to the Toyota Cup.  Haskins of Colorado Springs took Chicago by storm by winning the 2010 Life Time Fitness ChicagoTriathlon in 2:02:02.  Matty Reed's time of 1:55:49 brought 4th place to the Boulder, Colorado resident, surpassed by 1st place winner Mark Fretta of Portland, Oregon at 1:52:22.

Cameron Dye made it out of the water first. His lead though was only a few seconds over a group of Pro men that included Mark Fretta, Kevin Collington and Stephen Hackett.  Dye hammered a fast pace on the bike with the fastest bike split among the men. Dye's bike split of 55:31 was two minutes faster than Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Minneapolis winner Matty Reed. Though Fretts didn't have the fastest run split, his bike split of 1:13 was enough to keep him ahead of the field and across the finish line in first place.

The South African Super couple, Mark and Kim Morgan from Glenview both qualified for 2010 Age Group National competition down in Tuscaloosa next month.  What makes this accomplishment so impressive is the fact that the couple only started racing in triathlon three years ago, coached by Mary Bradbury, the Morgan's daughter Alex, also rocked the kids triathlon on Saturday.

Congrats to all.

Pictures Courtesy Paul (The Man) Phillips/Competitive Image Photography


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  • Dave - awesome video!! I got goose bumps and even a little choked up as I watched this. It definitely brings me to feeling like I'm back in the race. Great job!!!

  • Now I want to register for another triathlon. Awesome video! :)

  • GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for sharing Dave!

  • Nice Video. Still, the greatness of triathlons is in the average competitor. Without the average jane and joe, challenging themselves, you don't have 8,000 people on the lakeshore.

  • The video was great!

  • Awesome! Love it. That's me swimming at 1:29. Thanks!

  • Whoops, I meant 1:21!

  • Dave - this is awesome. Perfectly captures what Sunday felt like - even for us average amateurs. Thanks so much for sharing with us and, thanks, Mike, for capturing the day! When family and friends ask what it's like, this is what I want to show them!

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