Stay Hydrated in the Heat- Tips from Craig Alexander


We are smack dab in the middle of Summer.  Tom Skilling says with the heat index, it's supposed to feel like 108 outside(Friday)!  The mix of heat and humidity can drain your energy, leaving you tired, dehydrated and in trouble.

When Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander was in town, he shared some of his personal tips on how to train in the heat and stay hydrated.

  • Sip, sip, sip.  Don't guzzle your hydration.  Little bits often keeps you cooled off and hydrated.  It helps your body digest easier and absorb into your system.
  • Use common sense- If you are feeling worn down, take in more fluid.  There is no special award for "being tough," in the heat, you have to listen to your body and take care of what it is saying.
  • Start Early-If you have a big workout in the morning and you know it's going to be hot, make sure to start hydrating the night before.
  • Race Week-
  • Start Early- Craig starts to hydrate early in the week.  I usually start, Thursday or Friday to make sure that I am stocking up, without over doing it."
  • During a race- Don't panic.  As hot as it was at Racine 70.3, Craig lost a water bottle in the first mile of the bike.  "I knew I would be OK with what I had and relied on the aid stations to keep me going, you adjust, relax and move on."  

Craig adds, "Staying calm is always vital to a successful, there is no such thing as a perfect race.  Greg Welsh lost his transition bag in Kona, that would have thrown most people into a tail spin, instead that was the year he won!"

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