One on One With Craig Alexander.

Fresh off his victory at the Racine 70.3 1/2 Ironman on Sunday, two time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander spoke to sold out house in Arlington Heights, as a part of the Runners High n' Tri. Dynamic Duo series. Monday featured Alexander and Mirinda Carfrae, next Monday will host Chrissie Wellington.

Before the event I was able to sit down with Alexander and ask him 16 random questions about his career, life and other fun stuff.  Below are the answers as well as a photo gallery of the evenings events.  

16 Questions for Craig Alexander


The Pace- How are you feeling after yesterday's victory in that heat, tired?

Alexander- I feel great.  It was a nice workout, good to get out there and train.    I am used to the heat, so it didn't really effect me that much.

The Pace- I've never won a race.  What does it feel like?

Alexander- You've never won, anything?

The Pace- Look at me.  Back to the answer

Alexander- It's always satisfying and fulfilling in a lot of different ways.  I used to dream about winning and fulfilling my potential and now I am doing it.  Now I feel like it is more than just me, but re-paying all of the people who support and believe in me: my sponsors, training partners, old friends who never gave up on me and most importantly my family, they sacrifice a lot for me to be able to do this and by winning I am showing them that I care.

The Pace- That's really nice.  Speaking of family, tell me about sex.  Do you have it before a race, or do you follow the no sex 72 hours before a race rule?

Alexander- Whenever I can get it!  I "tinker with the 72 hour rule."  We have a busy schedule, two kids and travel a lot, I am a loving husband, so yes, sex and racing are no big deal.  Everything in moderation and I am good.


The Pace- You mentioned that you are traveling as a family, how is that working out as the kids get older?

Alexander- I am so grateful for my wife, Neri, she takes care of just about everything: hotels, answering e-mails, calls, sponsor requests and the kids, she is amazing.  Lucy is now school age, so she home schools her as well.  I get to be fun dad, I come back from training and say "lets go to the park!"  Like anything else when we made this decision, we checked with the doctors, made sure the kids could travel and they were safe and healthy and then started on this journey.  Having them with me is amazing, it fuels my fire and keeps things as "normal" as possible.

The Pace- A little later in the evening 14 month old Austin dropped a special gift in his diaper, after Neri change him, I asked "does Craig change diapers?"

Neri Alexander- He does, all the time.  He is a great dad, I have left him alone with both kids for an entire weekend and he is great with them.


The Pace- (Back to Craig)- The World Cup, are you a fan or not-

Love soccer/football, I started playing soccer as a kid, it's my first
sport.  I am a big fan of Australia, they have a great team.

The Pace- When you retire, if you were asked to be on Dancing With The Stars, would you do it.

No! Well maybe?  I am not sure, I am very competitive, so I would want
to win, and it would be great to bring the attention to the sport. 
Yes, I think, maybe, I would like to learn how to dance.  Yes.

The Pace- Favorite Junk Food?

Alexander- Chocolate, burgers, ice cream- chocolate and milk shakes.  I used to work on a dairy farm and I love milk.

The Pace- Shaving your legs, razor, wax, electrolysis?

Alexander- Razor.

Pace- In the 90's it seems like everyone wanted to climb Mount Everest,
to the point where it almost became passe.  Is that happening to the
Ironman, as they add races everywhere, has it become too common place?

The Ironman is your individual Everest, each person has to travel that
individual journey, so I don't think it's becoming diluted at all. 
It's amazing to watch the finishers in Kona, I stay until the very end
and enjoy every single finisher, it means something special to all of
them and something different.  I worry more about diluting the
product.  The NBC coverage, they miss the whole point.  Yo need to be
able to capture the mystery of the race, how special it is, the tough
physical challenge on this beautiful island.  NBC sells it short. 
Ironman is a fantastic journey, for each person and that will always
make it special

The Pace- Favorite Movie?

Alexander- Shawshank.

The Pace- Chamois cream for rides?

Alexander- Never.

The Pace- What kind of music do you listen to, to get you pumped up?

Alexander- 80's music, AC/DC to really get me pumped up, but I also like Beyonce, it's diverse.

The Pace- There's always that one workout that everyone doesn't look forward to, do you have a workout that you hate?

I am not a fan of long runs at altitude.  I don't hate any of my
sessions, I try to be positive about all of them and know that they are
going to make me stronger.  However, long runs at altitude do hurt a lot

Pace- You are the best triathlete in the world, a two time champions a
physical specimen.  Could you beat me at arm wrestling

Alexander- I'll let you win that one. 



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  • Thanks for sharing David! This is great stuff. He's been my favorite for awhile, seems very humble and dedicated to being a professional.

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