Fund Raising Tips for Runners.


Fund raising in a recession can be difficult.  Many charities in the area are feeling the hit from these hard economic times.  In these hard economic times, charities need the hep the most.

The American Cancer Society and the organizers of The Rock n' Roll Chicago 1/2 marathon have put together some great fund raising tips for all of you charity runners out there. 

The Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon is sold out, however there are still charity running spots available.  If you are up the challenge of a great race and helping out a great cause you can join The American Cancer Society's DetermiNation team and do both.  To get you motivated, check out these great fund raising tips.
Fund Raising Ideas:
Stair Climb- Find a tall building to allow climb up stairs--pay to climb.


Free Spa Day- Get a massage school to donate massages for a cure for donation; get hair stylists/barber shop to donate haircuts for charity.

Hit the ground running - Make the ask: The easiest way to make money is to ask your friends, relatives, and anyone you know to make a donation. Do this by asking in person, distributing an e-mail or posting your request on Facebook or Twitter. Eat, drink and raise money:  Invite your friends to a bar or restaurant
and have the establishment donate a percentage of the proceeds. You
could also have a get-together at your house and charge a small fee for
Can you spare some change?
: Everyone always has some extra change
lying around, so start a coin drive. Whether students put a coin jar in
the lunch room or a local business collects for you, a little change
here and there can add up fast.
Matching gifts: Ask your company to match what you raise. Some companies have a matching gift policy already in place.
Vote for casual day at the office: Who doesn't love jeans day or a
themed-dress day? For a $5 donation (and with your boss's approval),
wear you favorite jeans to work or pick an outfit to match the occasion.
Visit our website! The best tool you have to fund raise is here.  As a DetermiNation runner, you can make your
own web page (very easily!) and send it out to potential sponsors.


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