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Time to Rock 'n' Roll!

This is a big race weekend in Chicago, from the Glenview Sprint triathlon, to The Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon to Steelhead 70.3 1/2 Ironman, athletes all over the area are amped up and ready to go. For those of you heading up to St. Joe, Michigan with me to race tomorrow, you can drop... Read more »

Don't miss these great races. Plenty of time to sign up.

Don't miss these great races.  Plenty of time to sign up.
The Summer is heating up and so is race season.  If you are looking for your next challenge, we have a list of races that are still open for registration. The South Shore Multisport FestivalThe other triathlon in Lake Michigan is the South Shore Multisport Festival, hosted by Running Away Multisport.  If you are not... Read more »

I am a Bike Commuter. Part 2- Mom Vs. Machine.

This is the information computer that manages the power boost, tells you your speed etc.
By Tonya Wallach When gas rose to $4.12 a gallon the summer of 2008, our monthly gas bill increased dramatically due to my 54-mile, daily, round-trip commute through downtown Chicago.  At the time, I was pregnant, in my second trimester, stuck in traffic twice a day going 5 mph.  Every once and a while on... Read more »

Free Stuff Tuesday! Free Terrapin 5K Race Entries!

Paul Rosenblum, the owner of Running Away Multisport is describing their upcoming 5K, The Terrapin 5K, on July 29th to a customer. “It’s a 5K, followed by a concert by Greatful Dead cover band Mr. Blotto, with beer supplied by Magic Hat, Pizza by Home Run Inn and cup cakes from Flirty Cupcakes.“ The customer... Read more »

Stay Hydrated in the Heat- Tips from Craig Alexander

We are smack dab in the middle of Summer.  Tom Skilling says with the heat index, it’s supposed to feel like 108 outside(Friday)!  The mix of heat and humidity can drain your energy, leaving you tired, dehydrated and in trouble. When Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander was in town, he shared some of his personal... Read more »

Exclusive Tour de France Update from Robbie Ventura!

The hardest working man in cycling, Robbie Ventura checks in with a special Pace of Chicago look at the Tour.  Ventura is everywhere, Versus TV Reporter, Former USPS Rider and owner of Vision Quest Coaching Services, he is in the mix and has this exclusive report for The Pace of Chicago. To follow Robbie, check... Read more »

Chrissie Wellington Shares some thoughts about Triathlon.

Monday night is the big night when Ironman Champion and world record holder Chrissie Wellington comes to Runners High n’ Tri in Arlington Heights. We are giving away 2 tickets as well as a VIP pass to get together with Chrissie before the event.  It’s not too late to sign up to win, click here... Read more »

Fund Raising Tips for Runners.

Fund raising in a recession can be difficult.  Many charities in the area are feeling the hit from these hard economic times.  In these hard economic times, charities need the hep the most. The American Cancer Society and the organizers of The Rock n’ Roll Chicago 1/2 marathon have put together some great fund raising... Read more »

One on One With Craig Alexander.

Cubicle Dad, hanging out in the front row!
Fresh off his victory at the Racine 70.3 1/2 Ironman on Sunday, two time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander spoke to sold out house in Arlington Heights, as a part of the Runners High n’ Tri. Dynamic Duo series. Monday featured Alexander and Mirinda Carfrae, next Monday will host Chrissie Wellington. Before the event I... Read more »

Positively Positive

Last week, I got a call from the folks at Ironman, confirming a slot for me to race at the Steelhead 70.3 1/2 Ironman on July 31st.  I was excited for the opportunity to participate in this great event, I did the very first one and it has been several years since I have been... Read more »