Rainbows Summer Sunset 5K/10K Run- Race of the Week


There are a lot of great runs supporting a lot of great charities, though this is The 9th Annual Rainbows Summer Sunset 5K/10K Run, this is the first time I've ever heard of this race and the amazing cause it supports.

Rainbows is the largest international children's charity dedicated solely to helping youth successfully navigate the very difficult grief process. Every day, children are touched by emotional suffering caused by a death, divorce, deployment of a family member, incarceration of a loved one, or any of a multitude of significant event traumas including natural or man made disasters. And, while a few children are resilient, we know that most do not bounce back without help.  That's where Rainbows comes it to offer much needed support and guidance.

This is a race, a family event, a way to support kids who need help.  The 5K and 10K races will be held on separate tracks, and there will be
a separate walkers and child start. 
The festivities kick off as the weekend is winding down 4:30 PM on Sunday and we can't think of a better way to end the weekend than at The Rainbows Summer Sunset 5K/10K Run.
Click here to enter and click here to learn more about this great charity.

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