Free Stuff Wednesday- Skirt Chaser 5K

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Skirt Chasers 5K

In honor of National Running Day, today, this weeks cool give away is a free pass to the Skirt Chaser 5K on Saturday, June 19th.

It's the ultimate battle of the sexes.

Skirt chasing is nothing new in Lincoln Park, but on June 19th, it brings on a whole new meaning.  The Skirt Chaser 5K is coming to town, for a race, an after party, a fashion show and dating games.

Skirt Sports is the brain child of Ironman Wisconsin winner and Chicago area native Nicole DeBoom (coolest last name is triathlon). 

It's a cool race concept.  The Skirt Sports race series is coming to Chicago and guys get ready, because the girls get a 3 minute head start. 

The women take off at 5:00 and then at 5:03 the men are let loose to chase them down!  First one to cross the finish line gets $500!

After the race is a party, fashion show and for all you single kids, dating games.

So leave your comments below to get your free pass to this party on the run or click here to get more info. or to register.


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    My gams look great in a skirt! :)

  • What, no one else wants this? Seriously, what could be better than the collision of running, flirting and beer? :) Barb - you are in for a great time! Come find me for your "chase me" sticker! :)

  • Count me in!

  • Can I run in heels? Ha ha! I would love to be chased and then chase a beer down after wards. Catch the girls if you can boys.

  • Great race!

  • This is the first I 've heard of this race...I told my friend about it and think she's going to do it with me...I think the idea is cute and creative....can't wait!!! :)

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