Celebrate Naked!

Despite my efforts to get former Miss Illinois Ashley Bond to participate in Saturday night's World Naked Bike Ride, she has politely declined.  Even after I offered to do a custom body paint job for her!

Despite that slight snafu, the World Naked Bike Ride is heading off Saturday night and this is your chance to celebrate several things, your beautiful body, independence from oil, the environment and of course the World Champion Chicago Blackhawks!

The official Blackhawks parade is today (Friday), but why not take it to the streets and show off your Chicago pride with some cool body art as you ride through the city in a sea of skin and positive energy!  Without going into too much detail, think about how cool a few well placed Stanley Cups would look.

The team and the Cup has yet to stop moving, so maybe instead of Ashley Bond, Amy Freeze and Amy Guth, we can get Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Dustin Byfuglien to come out and celebrate?

It's a great time for a great cause and no, you don't have to be naked, you just have to be in the spirit of this fun event. Picture Halloween, The Gay Pride Parade, a dash of Mardi Gras all on bikes and you have The World Naked Bike Ride

Click here for details.

If you are looking for ideas on how to dress up, or more to the point how to manage being naked on a bike, check out the picture gallery below from other World Naked Bike Rides, it should get the creative juices flowing.


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