World Champions Visit Arlington Heights.


Besides being one of the best triathlon shops in the city, Runners High n' Tri. is a magnet for world class athletes.  This Summer they have two great events going on that you don't want to miss!  World champions Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington will be hosting Q&A session with fans on two separate nights.

July 19, 2010: Craig "Crowie" Alexander, reigning Ironman Champion, will return to Runners High 'n Tri, last year he spoke to s sold out house, took photos with fans and even hosted a few group workouts.

July 26, 2010:  In celebration of Brooks' multi-year partnership with Chrissie Wellington, world-renowned British triathlete and reigning Ironman Champion, she will join us to share her tips, inspiration and goals.

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This is a can't miss opportunity to pick the brains of the top athletes in the sport in a setting that is intimate and fun.  However, I was there last year and I BEG YOU to do your home work before you show up.  Last year at least a dozen people attending the Alexander event asked the same question a dozen different ways- How Do I Get Faster? What is the secret formula to getting faster?  What advice do you have to get faster in Kona, How do I qualify for Kona?  etc.

Here is the answer from Craig, I know it, because he was gracious enough to repeat it a dozen times- "Stick to your training plan, make sure you practice every phase of your race, nutrition is vital, work hard, have a plan B when things blow up. Rely on your training plan, nutrition is important, there is no magic secret, work hard, blah, blah, blah."

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Now we got that out of the way, here is your home work for both of these events, all of you need to come up with two original questions for these amazing athletes. 

Craig is a father and an athlete, that is something we can associate with.  Chrissie is a woman and has to balance life and career, again, interesting talking point.  Where are they on doping, the 8% rule at the IM, as they get older how are they working on recovery? How did Chrissie get the nickname "Muppet?"  What kinds of music get them amped up to race/train.  Chris Lieto just lost to Lance Armstrong in a time trial in Kona, their thoughts?

OK.  You get the point.  Click here for more info on both events, work on your homework. I'll see you  there, these promise to be great nights.


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  • Thank you David for standing up (or sitting at your keyboard) to say that! These are great events and a great opportunity for some motivation. Please no more "I'm racing the blah blah race, should I drink coke during it?" We all know that nutrition is different for everyone anyway!

    See you there!

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