Free Stuff Tuesday- Turin Professional Bike Fit!

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Now onto this weeks free stuff.  Turin Bike Shop in Evanston is more than just a bike shop, it's one of the centerpieces of the cycling community.  Group rides, special speakers, clinics, an amazing blog are all a part of fabric that make Turin a landing spot for anyone in the area who wants to soak themselves in the cycling community.

CAT 1 riders and newbies alike are treated to an experience that leaves them better educated, ready to ride and enjoying the world of cycling.  One of these experiences is a professional bike fit.  If you have been through a professional bike fit, then you know that the difference between a bike that is fit for you and one that isn't .  It can mean the difference between sore muscles, slow times, an aching back and a PR.

Bike fitting is an old school art form and the pros. at Turin have got it down.

You can spend $10,000 on a carbon fiber monster, but if it isn't adjusted for your body type, then you are not getting the full benefit of that ride and may end up sore, tired and frustrated.

Have no fear Turin is here.  This weeks free stuff is a professional bike fit by the experts at Turin.  The entire thing takes about an hour to an hour and a half and all you need to do to register for this special treat from Turin is leave a comment below and you may be on your way to a great fitting bike and record breaking season.

If you want to check out Turin's great events, race wheel rental program or one of their great bikes, click here.

Good luck and remember to enter a comment below to win.


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  • Turin really is the best bicycle shop I've found in Chicago or Evanston. (And I've been to lots of 'em.) Of course receiving a free bike fit would be the perfect way to kick off this year's cycling season! Thanks for the offer!

  • I've been a big fan of Turin for many years. An excellent selection of bikes, no pressure from the sales people and they are extremely knowledgeable. Plus I love that they sponsor so many cycling related events, including a criterium during SuperWeek. They truly try to get the community involved. Highly recommended.

  • I always go to Turin to fix my aging bike. They always treat me well.

  • Oh how I could use a good bike fit.

  • I'm attempting my first tri this summer, and man is this an expensive sport to get into! I know I need to get my bike properly fit, but I keep putting it off in favor of spending the money on something else. So this would be pretty helpful!

  • Professional Fit...Pricless :)

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