The Aero Hammock- A Review

Starting this week and lasting as long as we can keep up, Wednesdays are now going to be known as Review Wednesday.

The Aero Hammock is a piece of gear that we have been testing for about two months and wanted to share our results with you.

The name speaks for itself, Aero Hammock.  It's a storage device that fits between your aero bars and looks a lot like a hammock.  Initially I thought that this would be a great thing to have while on the trainer, and I was right.  It holds your phone, gels, the remote control and even a water bottle nice and snug between your aero bars.

If you spend a lot of time on a trainer like I do, then you know that changing the channels, keeping up with nutrition, or reaching for the phone can be an interesting balancing act as,  you reach for one or the other.  The Aero Hammock is a great way to keep all your necessities right in front of you.

Here's the shocker.  While it is a great piece of equipment for training indoors (a must have), it's equally as good outside on the road!

I was skeptical on how it would perform outside, when things like bike jiggle, pot holes and good old gravity come into play.  Could the Aero Hammock stay in place, while keeping my things in place at the same time, or would they fly out all over the road?

Surprisingly, it held on quite nicely.  I stored my Clif Bars, keys and Clif Blocks in the Aero Hammock and nothing slipped out.  Even more surprising was the fact that it didn't really effect the steering on my bike.  I thought having something hanging from my aero bars might make my already hinky Tri. bike even more hinky, but nothing happened. 
Instillation is a breeze. Four Velcro straps secure the Aero Hammock to
your aero bars and you are ready to ride, simple.  All of your stuff
fits nicely between two mesh pockets sewn together with an opening at
the top.  It would be nice to have a piece that folds over the opening
at the top with a small piece of velcro, so you could completely
enclose your goodies, but as much as I rode, it wasn't needed, it just
would make things even more secure.

As a brief aside. The Aero Hammock was developed by local cyclist Don Soranno and is
manufactured right here in Chicago.  In a time when everything is being
sent someplace else to be made, that fact in itself is worth buying
one.  A Chicago guy, Chicago company, making something positive. However, the Aero Hammock stands up on its own merits.

If you ride, then you know what it's like to pack up all your stuff, your
nutrition, water bottles, keys, phone, wallet, there's a lot to carry!  For $19.99 the Aero Hammock is a
great way to keep your stuff secure and keep you going while you are on
your bike.



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