The 32 Thousand Dollar Race Entry!


Most Ironman races sell out within 48 hours, all you have to do is sign up to enter and you're in.  Ironman Kona, the World Championships is the exception.

What makes Kona different is that you have to qualify, be invited or win a lottery spot.  

There is however another option and if you have your heart set on racing in Kona, Ebay!  That's right, you can bid on "the golden ticket" on Ebay to race in the Ironman World Championships this year.

All of the proceeds go to The Ironman Foundation which gives back to the communities that host the other Ironman races around the world.

Bidding began April 25 and there are actually 4 coveted spots they are auctioning off.  One each week for four weeks.  So if you don't with this week, you can always try again next week, and so on.

I know that the 7 of you who read this blog all have it marked on your calendar that my birthday is rapidly approaching, August 21.  I think we have established that I am slow and a blogger, so the odds of me ever ending up in Kona to race are slim.  I will never qualify and I sure as heck can't afford to bid my way in.

This would be a great opportunity for all of you to play the 6 degrees of separation and see who can get this blog to a Pritzker, A Crown or Sam Zell and get the ball rolling on my early birthday gift.  Genius!


I know, you're thinking, "But Dave, the race is 10-9-10 and the Chicago Marathon is 10-10-10, how are you ever going to pull that off?"  Well, I am pretty sure Sam, or the other wealthy folk in the city can hook up a private jet as a part of the gift, so I can race 140.6 miles in Kona, hop into my jet, take a nap, land in Chicago, meet Cubicle Dad and do another 26.2. 

I'm pretty sure that has yet to be done?  So we may end up in Guinness or even the WGN Morning News! Go ahead Sam, pay for my race entry, jet and hotel, I dare you!  See if I can race 166.8 miles in 24 hours, I dare you, double dog dare you!!!

For the rest of you looking to race in the Big Daddy on the Big Island, happy bidding.  Click here to bid.

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