Shamrock Shuffle Expo Is Open For Business.

As one exhibitor put it "Thank God racing season is here!"

The Shamrock Shuffle Expo. is the pre-party to one of the most exciting endurance seasons in the country.

Sunday things get officially going as 35,000 runners work their way through the city.  However before that happens the expo. and all of it's exhibitors are in full swing at Navy Pier.  Even if you're not running, head down and check it out, there are a ton of great booths, things to taste, try on and check out.  Charities, shoes, clothes, food and doo dads galore. 

Below are a few of the exhibitors who are making this weekend and this season possible.



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  • Yeah! Girls on the Run Chicago!

    I love the picture of the little girl with the "GO MOM" sign, too. :)

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