Thank You Chicagonow.


I am proud to be able to write for Chicagonow.  I was one of the first few bloggers they hired, I'm not saying this to brag, but to make a point, I have watched Chicagonow grow, taking on all kinds of different bloggers to meet the needs of the people reading.

Waaay back in May when I signed on, Jimmy Greenfield our Blogger King, told me "The goal is to make it a community."  Today, the crazy idea of Chicagonow has grown to be something amazing, something that people count on and share.

If you need evidence of how we're growing, check out our two newest bloggers, Lauren Kaminsky, my 2009 Marathon running partner and writer of Outside The Girl Box, a blog for tweens and an amazing resource for parents and kids who are dealing with this "special" time in a young ladies development.

If the tween life isn't your thing, then make sure to check out Cubicle Dad, aka Marathon Dan, my 2010 Bank of America training partner.  Dan is an inspiration to many people for many different reasons, to find out why, click here.

finally a huge thank you to our Chicagonow executives for classing up the neighborhood.  You couldn't have picked two better people to add to Chicagonow.


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  • Thanks, Dave. :) I'm excited to be here... and happy to be in such great company!

  • I have enjoyed working with Dan and even Lauren - so this is great news to me! Congrats to them and what an asset to ChicagoNow! YAY!!!!

  • Dave, I have to thank you...yes I emailed you. But I read about your run with Lauren. You got the ball rolling, you posted my note...and people responded. Thank you Dave, you're awesome!

    So is Lauren, Coach Jen, Iron Barb and Runners High n Tri! Thank you all! :D

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