Lab Rats Wanted.


Do you want to be on the cutting edge of technology and get some pretty cool running schwag?  Brooks has a way for you to do both, with their Lab Rat Program.

They are looking for runners to participate in our Biomechanics Lab Testing Program and/or Wear Testing Program. If you meet the following criteria, you too could become an official Lab Rat

Lab Rat Requirements
    •    Must agree to all terms of the Wear Tester Agreement
    •    Agrees to return shoes upon request
    •    Must live in the United States and be able to receive packages delivered by FedEx (Due to import/export duty and trade restrictions we are unable to ship testing product outside the U.S.)
    •    Knows personal gait category and running shoe size (if not, please visit a running specialty store to be fitted before you apply)
    •    Must be 18 or older
    •    Must have regular access to the internet and a valid e-mail address
    •    Able to provide detailed, helpful, and timely feedback effectively via email or phone
    •    Agrees to use shoes only for running during testing (no yard work, rock climbing, etc.)
    •    Wants to create a better Brooks shoe!

Brooks logo colour.jpg

Your input will shape the fit, function, design and color of future Brooks products!

To find out all the details and apply, click here.

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