I got excerpted! Is that a word?

I normally don't like to toot my own horn, at least not with the lights on.  However, if you will indulge me for a minute, I have to share something pretty cool.  Earlier this week reelchicago.com wrote a very cool story about me and my real job, which was very flattering, Yesterday, I got hit with the big matzo ball of coolness and I wanted to share it.

Earlier this year I wrote a review about the cycling documentary Blood, Sweat and Gears, an inside look at team Garmin/Slipstream and their efforts to race clean on their journey to The Tour de France.

Today, the producers sent me the cover art for the DVD, and my review was quoted on the back cover!  How kick ass is that!

I know I should be more cool about this, but I am pretty excited and extremely flattered.  The Pace isn't the most popular blog, or the sexiest, but to know that there are people out there reading and recognizing our efforts fills me full of warm fuzzies.  Click here to read the original review and here to check out the DVD.  

What a great way to start the year! Thank you to the producers, it's an amazing film and to be a part in any way is an honor.

We get reports from our editors with the numbers of readers per day. Some days there are thousands of you and some days there are dozens, but what matters is that you are there and you are reading. Thank you for reading and helping to spread the word.

And yes, get this DVD it really is worth watching.


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  • Congrats! I would be totally stoked about this as well!

  • Super cool. Did they invite you to ride with them? Can I come too?

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