The Gift Of Time.


A few years back I surveyed a bunch of athletes about the one thing they would truly love to have for the holidays, and the majority of them answered the same way, "more time."

In this economy time is at a premium for all of us. Balancing work with family, life and sport isn't easy in the best of times and it's the Achilles tendon of the endurance athlete.

About a month away from an Ironman event, a triathlete can workout 20 hours a week!  Mix that with everything else and there just isn't enough time.

So why not give the gift of time.  This is more than letting your significant other sleep late or doing the laundry while they Fartlek(it's a real thing!! Click here!!!!)

The gift of time, might be the most appreciated gift you give or get this year and time isn't as expensive as you might think.

We found two great local companies that can help you get the most of your time or enjoy your time a little better.


Endeavor Concierge Service- Endeavor is the affordable concierge service.  They are not geared toward the high roller, but the working man or woman, who doesn't have the time to pick up the dry cleaning, get the oil changed, shop for gifts, or play that dinner party.  I forgot to plan my wedding anniversary this year (not good time management) and within 24 hours the staff at Endeavor had the entire night planned.  They literally sell blocks of time, that you can use to have them help you out with what you need.


Space Time Tanks on Lincoln Avenue- If you have never tried sensory deprivation, it is unlike anything you have ever experienced before in your life. Their slogan is "Take A Vacation For An Hour," and it's true, your mind goes far, far away.

You go into what looks like a solid, light proof pup tent.  Inside there is about two feet of water that is 98.6 degrees warm and loaded up with epsom salts (think Dead Sea without the tourists), there is no sound, no light, perfect temperature, you dangle in the darkness and before you know it time has melted away.  Complete relaxation.
Right now you can get much more for your time, they are offering an hour float and an hour massage for $95.00 and do have gift certificates available.

So you may not be able to put time in a bottle, but you can wrap it in a bow and make the endurance athlete or just stressed out spouse a little happier this holiday season.


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  • These are both awesome! Going to check them out now!

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