"Biggest Loser" Star Joining Rev3 in 2010!

Tara Costa Ready for the Rev. 3 Challenge.

At almost 300 pounds, Tara Costa would have never dreamed of competing in a triathlon of any distance.  That was before Costa auditioned and made it on the NBC show
 The Biggest Loser in September 2008.

Since that time Costa has lost over 155 pounds and is ready to take on the challenge of the Revolution 3 Triathlon Series.

On The Biggest Loser, Costa was known for her hard work ethic and "can do" attitude, now she is going to push herself harder and farther than she has ever gone before. Tara will compete in all three of 2010 events: the Olympic event at Knoxville, the half-Rev at Quassy in Middlebury, CT., and the full-Rev triathlon at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. To prepare, Tara will train with Heather Gollnick, a Pro Triathlete, five-time Ironman Champion and CEO of Rev3 Coaching.

"I am thrilled to be working with Tara - I have a tremendous amount of respect for what she has accomplished. I look very forward to guiding her training as she begins the journey of accomplishing her next goal, completing the Rev3 Triathlon Series" states Rev3 Coaching CEO Heather Gollnick

After losing 155 pounds in 18 weeks, Tara became a role model for the millions of viewers that watcher her transformation on NBC, now that the show is over Tara continues to share her message of being able to do anything.  "I want to encourage people to do things they never thought possible, and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle," she says. "Participating in these triathlons is a great way to lead by example."

You can keep up with Tara's progress by reading her training blogs and viewing her videos by clicking here, or by visiting the Rev3 blog. In addition to updates provided by Tara, her coach Heather Gollnick will also be blogging about the experience!

Registration for the Revolution 3 Triathlon Series is open for athletes of all abilities.

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